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CQ5.5: Activated images in publisher are displayed as pending in DAM search results


If you are activating images in DAM, and then searching for those images in DAM search as detailed below, you may notice that the image activation status appears as “pending” in the search results.

  1. Open DAM
  2. Navigate to a folder with images (example: /content/dam/geometrixx/banners)
  3. Activate all the images.
  4. Ensure that the image status is published.
  5. Switch to DAM search.
  6. Enter a search string (example: .png)

Result: The activated images appear as pending for activation.



This is an issue in CQ5.5 and has been resolved in AEM 5.6 and later versions.


Upgrade to AEM 5.6.

reference: (43813/CQ5-23686)

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CQ5: Fulltext search not working for asset content


You are searching in CQ5 for text contained within assets like PDF & Word documents in DAM, and not getting any results.


This issue is resolved in CQ5.5 SP1 and SP2 and later versions.  You should download these updates from PackageShare and update your CQ instance.

After updating CQ new documents in DAM will be indexed, but the existing documents will not.  Perhaps this is acceptable if you are just setting up a new instance, and do not have any existing documents that you need indexed.

To get existing documents indexed, you will have to re-build the lucene index as follows:
[1] Open http://<host>:<port>/system/console/bundles
[2] Find the ID for the following bundles

  • Apache PDFBox (org.apache.pdfbox)
  • Apache Tika core (org.apache.tika.core)
  • Apache Tika parsers (org.apache.tika.parsers)

[3] Look into crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix for the folders corresponding to the 3 IDs in [2]:

  • crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundleXX

[4] For each bundle in [3], change the value in the bundle.startlevel from 15 to 14
[5] Restart CQ and check in the Felix console that the 3 bundles has the start level set to 14.
[6] Stop CQ
[7] Delete crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/index folder
[8] Restart CQ and wait for the indexing to complete

reference: (44511/GRANITE-761)

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CQ5.4: Files uploaded to DAM saved with incorrect mime-type


If you are uploading specific types of files (Word, PPT, SWF….) to CQ5 DAM, you may notice the the files are saved to the repository with a different mime-type, for example as images.

You may also notice warnings and errors in the error.log similar to the following:

*WARN* [JobHandler: /etc/workflow/instances/2012-06-20/model_171459455015372:/content/dam/geometrixx/documents/slides.ppt/jcr:content/renditions/original] extractImageInfo: error while reading metadata from image [/content/dam/geometrixx/documents/slides.ppt]:  org.apache.sanselan.ImageReadException: Can’t parse this format.
    at org.apache.sanselan.Sanselan.getImageParser(
    at org.apache.sanselan.Sanselan.getImageInfo(
    at org.apache.sanselan.Sanselan.getImageInfo(

*ERROR* [JobHandler: /etc/workflow/instances/2012-06-20/model_171459455015372:/content/dam/geometrixx/documents/slides.ppt/jcr:content/renditions/original] Error while loading image /content/dam/geometrixx/documents/slides.ppt/jcr:content/renditions/original: javax.imageio.IIOException: No decoder available to load the image
*ERROR* [JobHandler: /etc/workflow/instances/2012-06-20/model_171459455015372:/content/dam/geometrixx/documents/slides.ppt/jcr:content/renditions/original] Process execution resulted in an error: No decoder available to load the image No decoder available to load the image
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
    at Source)
Caused by: No decoder available to load the image
    … 6 more


This is a product bug in CQ5.4 and earlier versions, as it does not correctly handle the dc:format metadata property in particular files.  When these documents contain images with dc:format=image/jpeg, CQ assumes that this property applies to the whole document. Therefore the file gets uploaded into /content/dam with a node ‘metadata’ which has property dc:format=image/jpeg.


The issue has been fixed in CQ5.5 as we have re-engineered the component responsible for handling the mime-type detection for files uploaded to DAM.  When you update to CQ5.5 you will have the final solution to this issue.

As a workaround for earlier versions you should follow these steps:
1. create a file reset-mimetype.ecma under etc/workflow/scripts
2. use the script in the attached file: reset-mimetype.ecma
3. save it
4. edit the workflow model (“DAM Update Asset” workflow)
5. add a “Process step” after the “Metadata extraction” step
6. edit the “Process step”
7. select the etc/workflow/scripts/reset-mimetype.ecma script
8. select the “Handler Advance” checkbox
9. save the workflow
Now the file formats should be correctly identified when uploading to DAM.

reference: (35508/CQ5-13504)

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