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LiveCycle ES3: PKIException: ALC-DSS-310-033 Invalid timestamp mime type


If you are using LiveCycle ES3 Digital Signatures to sign PDF files using a timestamp server (TSP) you may encounter the following exception:

2012-06-22 06:48:31,608 WARN  [com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.pki.client.PKIException] (http- ALC-DSS-310-033 Invalid timestamp mime type. (in the operation : createTimestamp)


This exception occurs when the TSP server does not return a response with the expected mime-type.  LiveCycle assumes that the TSP servers conform to the standards defined in RFC-3161 (  According to this RFC the mime-types for communicating with TSP servers should be



You should use a TSP server that conforms to RFC-3161 when integrating with LiveCycle Digital Signatures.

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