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LiveCycle Designer ES2: Corners appear unexpectedly when clicking on hidden rectangle object


If you are editing older XDP forms from LiveCycle Designer 7.1, or 8,  in Designer ES2, and you have hidden rectangle objects in the form design, you may notice that when selecting these hidden objects in the hierarchy, visible corners suddenly appear on these objects.  These hidden rectangle objects are created automatically when importing Word documents into Designer to create a form.


The problem is caused by the import from doc/PDF where the edge property for the rectangle is created and set to hidden, but no corners property is created.  When you create a new form in Designer (without importing), the edge and corner properties for a rectangle are always created together and the presence for both usually kept in synch.
It seems that when Designer finds a rectangle without a corner property it creates it automatically with visible corners.

Rectangle in XML after import from word:
                  <edge thickness=”0pt” presence=”hidden”/>

Rectangle in XML after selecting it on canvas:
                  <edge thickness=”0pt” presence=”hidden”/>
                  <corner radius=”5.08mm”/>

Rectangle in XML after manually fixing it in Designer (XML Source or Object Palette):
                  <edge thickness=”0pt” presence=”hidden”/>
                  <corner radius=”5.08mm” presence=”hidden”/>


You can change the line style to “solid” and back to “none”, and then the corners property in XML is synchronized (presence=hidden) with the line edge property as expected.


This is an issue in LiveCycle Designer ES2 and will be fixed in Designer 10 and later versions.  If you require a quickfix for Designer 9 you should contact the enterprise support team.

The logic has now been changed, so that when Designer creates the corner property, it checks if the relevant edge is hidden, and sets the presence for the corners to match.

reference: (183589079/3322036)

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