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CQ5.5: SlingException running workflowreport.html


If you are using the workflow report under /etc/reports/workflowreport.html it may return with an error 500 in the browser and the following exception:

Caused by: An exception occurred processing JSP page /libs/cq/workflow/components/report/report.jsp at line 132
… 74 more
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
… 97 more


This problem can occur when a workflow model is deleted, but that workflow model had been used to start multiple processes, and therefore workflow statistics for that model exist.  This is a product issue and has been addressed in CQ5.6.


As a workaround you can use the attached overlay for
instead of the problematic

The workaround will resolve the NullPointerException and the workflow report will display as expected, but there are still some unresolved exceptions in the server log. These will be resolved with the full product fix.

reference: (40332/CQ5-23798)

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CQ 5.4: how to export the user list as a CSV file


If you are using CQ 5.4 you will notice that the user report is displayed in the browser and you cannot save/export any of the information in this list.

You can view the user report from the “Tools” console in CQ5.  Select “Reports” in the left-hand pane, then double-click the user report in the right-hand pane to open it for viewing and/or configuration.


It is possible to export the user report as CSV content. You can do this in 3 steps.

  1. Overlay the /libs/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/ component to /apps/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/.
    For detailed instructions on how to overlay a component watch the following video:
  2. In /apps/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/body.jsp replace the <body> section with the code in body_code.txt and save the changes.
  3. Navigate to the user report again and now you will see a link at the top to “Export” the content as CSV formatted text. This export function has different behaviour depending on the browser version.

Note: it is important to overlay the reportpage component in “apps”, rather than editing the file in “libs”, as libs is overwritten anytime you install a hotfix or a product update from Adobe, and therefore your changes are lost.  It is a best practice to overlay components to apps, and then you always have a backup of the original component in libs.

reference: (32200)

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