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AEM5.6: Socoadmin: reply button and refresh issues in moderation UI


If you are using the classic UI (/socoadmin) for social moderation in AEM5.6, you may notice some strange behaviour as follows

Reply button disabled
1) Go to http://localhost:4502/socoadmin
2) Select a blog comment from Geometrixx

Result: reply button is always disabled.  Expected: reply button to be enabled for blog comments.

Refresh issue
1) Go to http://localhost:4502/socoadmin
2) Select a forum post from Geometrixx
3) Click the Deny button

Result: status remains OK (same for Approve and Spam actions).  Expected: page refreshes and status is updated to Denied.  Note: Refreshing the page manually shows the correct status.


These issues are caused by a missing property (id=cq-collabadmin) on the /libs/collab/core/content/admin node in the repository related to the collaboration objects.


These issues will be fixed in a future version of AEM.  These issues do not occur in CQ5.5, or using the new touch UI in AEM5.6.


To resolve the issues (no refresh and reply disabled), install the following overlay for AEM5.6:

This overlays the /libs/collab/core/content/admin node and adds the missing id=cq-collabadmin property. Afterwards the reply button in socoadmin is enabled for blog comments, and a refresh occurs as expected after an Approve/Deny/Spam is executed.

reference: (44362/CQ5-30096)

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