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March 2016

Now Available: Send Offer Letters in Workday Recruiting Using Adobe E-signatures

Now available, the integration between Workday and eSign services extends this experience to processes involving external candidates in Workday Recruiting. Adobe e-signatures, which were previously available for all internal candidates, will now also be available for external recruiting.

Mar 29, 2016 /Product News/Reader /

Dropbox Integration Now Available for Acrobat Reader on Android

Last year we announced a partnership with Dropbox to simplify the way people and organizations work together with documents. I’m excited to report that we’ve now extended the Dropbox integration to the over 300 million Acrobat Reader customers who have installed our app on Android devices. The Dropbox team has delivered an update to its Android app, so you can enjoy the benefits of the integration starting from Dropbox.

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Create Custom Commands

When it comes to task repetition, we’ve got you covered. No more spending your days in a daze of keystrokes and clicks. Custom commands allow you to preconfigure tasks in Acrobat Pro DC, saving time and eliminating repetitive steps. They can even be added to the toolbar or used in an Action.

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Easily Fill Out Non-Interactive PDF Forms

The Fill & Sign tool allows you to fill out non-interactive forms in Adobe Acrobat DC, Reader DC, a web browser, and even on mobile devices. Learn how to use it in Acrobat or Reader on the desktop.

Mar 15, 2016 /Events /

HR Tech World Congress: Tackling the document disdain driving HR teams crazy

We’re excited to be at the HR Tech World Spring Congress in London this week, where we’ll be demonstrating how organizations can improve compliance, reduce errors, streamline their employee experience and drive digital workflows.

5 Time-Saving Tax Tips

It’s that time of the year again – the deadline to file taxes is quickly approaching. The process can be complicated, convoluted, and just plain crazy. But there’s no reason your taxes have to be taxing! Skip the post office lines and see how Acrobat DC can make your life easier this April.

Viva Las Vegas for SAP Ariba LIVE

We’ve recently released a new version of the Adobe eSign services integration with Ariba Contract Management. Come see us at SAP Ariba LIVE 2016, March 14-16 in Las Vegas, to hear more about the updated solution and how it can help your team speed procurement cycles while improving compliance.

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: How to Optimize Hidden OCR Text

When scanning paper documents to PDF, sometimes it’s critical to reproduce an exact replica of the original. But, keyword searching is critical as well. Optimize OCR text in your PDF when creating a searchable PDF file.

How to Make Your Organization E-Signature Savvy

E-signature technology is customizable, secure, and global. Read up on the benefits of digitizing document processes and make your organization e-signature savvy.