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April 2016

QUIZ: What Does Your Signature Say About You?

Are you creative? Hard-working? Independent? Take this quiz and find out!

Apr 25, 2016 /Product News /

Adobe Clouds Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Introducing Adobe Sign, a powerful new integration with Box, and some killer updates to Acrobat DC. Jon Perera talks all things Document Cloud as we announce a number of new innovations that help organizations transform to better serve customers and help everyone be more productive.

Apr 25, 2016 /Product News /

Five Ways Enterprises Benefit from Box and Adobe Working Together

Today, we introduced three powerful new integrations between Box and Adobe Acrobat DC on the desktop, in the browser and on iOS devices that will become available later this year. See five of the biggest benefits organizations will realize with our new, seamless integrations right off the bat.

E-signatures and the Realization of the EU Single Digital Market

When eIDAS goes into effect on July 1, 2016, the European private sector will fully benefit from seamless and secure electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, as well as a predictable regulatory environment in which to develop and expand the use of electronic signatures and transactions in the EU.

Apr 21, 2016 /Insights /

Moving Beyond Earth Day: A “Small” Change with Significant Impact

Every year, Earth Day marks an important milestone in the sustainability movement—rallying people, government and businesses around the world to focus on sustainability and preservation of the environment. Are you looking at ways to improve sustainability in your business or enterprise?

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Splitting Apart PDF Files

Sometimes, less is more. You may only want to share a specific portion of a document with someone, rather than asking them to wade through an information overload. Luckily, Acrobat DC allows you to use bookmarks to break apart large PDF files.

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Enhance your PDF Reading Experience

There are many steps in the PDF lifecycle. Content creation, fine tuning the layout, and final reviews all lead to a carefully crafted document. Make your reading experience even better: use Read Mode to maximize the reading space on your desktop in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

SteriHealth: Simpler, Safer, and Smarter Healthcare

From large hospitals to local veterinarians, healthcare facilities need a safe way to manage medical waste. To tap into the larger market, smaller medical offices faced one big hurdle: time. See how SteriHealth streamlined with electronic signatures.

Accelerate Sales Processes with Apttus and eSign services

Adobe and Apttus’ Salesforce-native solutions have helped companies around the world accelerate time to revenue, gain visibility into document status, and reduce legal and business risk on any device. Find out more at Apttus Accelerate 2016.

Apr 11, 2016 /Insights /

How to Fix the Ultimate Paper Jam in Your Brand’s User Experience

When it comes to routine customer processes many companies go old school, often resulting in horribly broken experiences. It’s time companies stop looking at processes from their perspective, and start seeing them from the seat of the user.