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May 2016

May 26, 2016 /Insights /

The Future of Work is Bright

Yesterday’s Think Tank about The Future of Work brought together thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds, geographies and organizations, to discuss and debate what the future holds for all of us in the workforce – through the lens of people, technology and workplaces.

The Global Fund: Saving Lives by Saving Time

With Adobe Sign, The Global Fund can support an increasingly mobile workforce. Concurrent signature workflows help them work faster, and HR process improvements help staff crucial operations 80% faster than before. See how they leverage the power of Adobe Sign.

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Search & Remove Sensitive Information

In a paperless office, sharpies are a thing of the past. So how can you protect personal information before distributing it to others? The redaction tool in Acrobat Pro DC is designed to permanently remove sensitive information —all while keeping the entire workflow digital. Plus, you can use patterns to quickly locate and remove confidential information.

The Future of Work: People Pick Technology Over Perks

New research released today by Adobe gives insight into the future workplace.

JLL Helps Turn Properties Into Homes

Obtaining signatures on the many documents associated with listing, buying, or renting a residence could take weeks, especially for overseas clients. JLL decided to implement an electronic signature solution that could eliminate paperwork delays and accelerate getting signed paperwork for properties around the world.

Adobe Customers Benefit with Google Play Apps for Chromebook

We’re excited to hear about Google’s latest move! Chromebooks will soon support the massive amount of apps on the Google Play store to take Chromebook customers to new heights with work and play. Chromebook users will be able to take advantage of innovative Adobe products, providing new ways to create and work on the go, as well as leverage the deep integration with Adobe flagship desktop tools, including Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign.

3 New Ways to Impress Candidates with Workday and Adobe Sign

We’re always investing in new ways to help Adobe Document Cloud customers deliver great experiences to their own customers, candidates and employees. Standout experiences are how you can break through the noise and make an impact today, and will only become more important going forward.

Adobe Sign: The Seamless E-Sign Solution

Businesses are realising the benefits of signing on the digitised dotted line. E-signatures still ‘seal the deal’, now they do so in such a way that saves time, prevents ‘missing’ paperwork and makes the customer process both easier and more efficient.

May 18, 2016 /Insights /

The Class of 2016 Work Differently Than You Do. Is Your Company Ready?

This spring, a new generation of workers will be graduating from colleges and universities all over the world. See Jon Perera’s take on the impact the Class of 2016 will have on the future of work, in terms of people, workspaces, and technology.

May 17, 2016 /Adobe Sign/Learn /

Top 5 Tips for Using Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer tool in Adobe Sign gives you the power to create custom send experiences that are tailored to your business processes. Account administrators can define virtually every aspect of a workflow with this powerful tool.