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July 2016

6 Ways Modern HR Keeps Your ‘Person of Interest’ Interested

Imagine how easy HR managers’ jobs would be if they could simply hit a few keys and have super-qualified employees recruited, onboarded, and ready to work. That day is actually closer than you think, thanks to the digital capabilities that are reaching into every aspect of the human resource function.

5 Key Steps to Modernizing Your Human Capital Management

In today’s unsettling and hypercompetitive climate, success depends upon the people you hire and the people you keep. To help their organizations improve at this, HR executives are looking to digital platforms to more effectively attract and retain needed talent.

Jul 20, 2016 /Adobe Sign/Learn /

Adobe Sign: Close Deals Faster With Mobile

Your sales team is always on the road. Give them the Adobe Sign mobile app, so they can send, sign, track, and manage contracts anywhere. See our tips for accelerating sales deals with in-person signing on mobile.

Arthrex Streamlines Document Processing with Acrobat DC

“Processes that took four weeks prior to the implementation of Acrobat DC can now be completed in four days or less.” Find out how Arthrex is leveraging the power of Send for Signature in Acrobat DC.