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October 2017

Maximizing Human Capital with Workday and Adobe Sign

To maintain its superior quality, Radial is always searching for ambitious and conscientious new talent. As part of the company’s employee onboarding process, employees and candidates sign more than 300,000 documents each year. Radial implemented Workday Human Capital Management and Adobe Sign so employees can complete their documents digitally. Together, the solutions save $145,000 annually by going paperless and improving internal efficiency.

Oct 30, 2017 /Insights /

The Hidden Power of Your Documents

But digital transformation is about so much more than just having a way to read documents. It’s about implementing a digital document process that can enable more efficient business processes through document creation, reuse, e-signatures, and collaboration.

Oct 26, 2017 /Insights /

Creating a High Performance Team: Finding Talent & Connecting the Dots

What does a high-performance team—and a high-performance employee—look like? And how do we, as managers, identify these power players and connect the dots to drive success? Adobe Document Cloud’s Jessica Waters Davis shares her perspective.

Oct 25, 2017 /Insights /

Future of Work: UK Office Workers are Ready to Embrace AI Assistants

Artificial intelligence, or ‘AI’, is now a constant feature on the daily news agenda. While this can be about the strides taken in the development of the technology itself, the headlines more often look at the impact AI may have on our society. Will it help create jobs or take them away? Or will robots force humans into their servitude, leaving us doomed for all eternity?

Oct 18, 2017 /Events /

Get Ready for Dreamforce 2017

Check out what we’re up to at Dreamforce this year, and stop by to learn how Adobe Sign can help you be successful.

Oct 18, 2017 /Product News /

Adobe Sign Enhances Contract E-Signatures for Salesforce Customers

Boost your productivity and get to revenue faster in a mobile-first world. Today we announced the latest release of Adobe Sign with Salesforce. Now Adobe Sign can be embedded directly into your email, linked with Salesforce CPQ, and can be added to Salesforce Community Cloud.

Oct 11, 2017 /Insights /

Electronic Documents Aid in Disaster Recovery

Even in the wake of natural disasters, it’s important that people can return to some sense of normalcy quickly. Electronic documents, forms, and processes can enable organizations to help people do just that. And not only help people, but help people help people.  

Oct 5, 2017 /Insights /

COWs, COLTs, and Continuity

After Hurricane Harvey I realized a co-worker I’d been in touch with all week was in Houston. She’d checked in with loved ones, coordinated with neighbors, and found volunteer opportunities. Thinking about her situation and the apparent ease with which she continued her work made me realize how important mobile communications are to business continuity.