6 Ways Modern HR Keeps Your ‘Person of Interest’ Interested

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In the recent CBS sci-fi thriller series “Person of Interest,” a rogue programmer, Harold Finch has marshalled a band of ex-special forces and CIA operatives to tap into a huge secret government system called “The Machine” to do good deeds, saving lives before bad things happen. The remarkable thing is that Harold, with a few keystrokes, is able to plant his fellow operatives in any job and any organization, including the New York Police Department. All the credentials and necessary paperwork is immediately generated and ready to help with their undercover presence in these various organizations.

Think about it. Imagine how easy HR managers’ jobs would be if they could simply hit a few keys and have super-qualified employees recruited, onboarded, and ready to work… but, legally, of course. That day is actually closer than you think, thanks to the digital capabilities that are reaching into every aspect of the human resource function.

To respond to these challenges of today’s global hypercompetitive economy, digital technologies are increasingly ramping up HR leaders’ capabilities to more effectively attract and retain needed talent, as well as manage services and requirements in a more streamlined way. Modern HR provides a more complete picture of the employment lifecycle, and helps bring together formerly siloed knowledge and work practices of enterprises. By accelerating adoption of digital platforms and methodologies, modern HR will also help bring about a corporate culture that emphasizes talent management that adapts to changing markets and opportunities for the business.

Consider the ways today’s digital and cloud platforms can increase the value and role of HR in their businesses:

  1. Enables more responsive and real-time human capital management: Modern HR elevates the role of HR and talent management, and facilitates the move to data-driven culture.
  2. Accelerates recruiting, hiring and transitioning: Modern HR bolsters recruiting, while streamlining the selection and hiring process, and accelerating employee onboarding. Modern HR also eases the exit and retirement process.
  3. Improves the employment experience: Modern HR opens up training and development opportunities, and improves employees’ quality of work life.
  4. Links performance to business requirements: Modern HR reshapes performance management by tying employee performance metrics to business goals.
  5. Integrates compensation and benefits to business needs: Modern HR improves compensation and benefits management, and is better able to target compensation requirements to business objectives.
  6. Increases transparency: As adoption of digital platforms and methodologies accelerate, HR leaders are assured of greater compliance and legal coverage – a digital record is left for all interactions within the organization.

The digital revolution is reshaping the way companies innovate, deliver products and engage with customers. Applying the same kind of innovative technology to boost a company’s interaction with its own people will mean greater agility and success.

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Posted on 07-28-2016


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