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Acrobat 101:   Editing PDF Files

Recognize text in a Scanned PDF file

When you scan paper documents to PDF, you’re really just taking pictures of those documents. That’s great for photos and other printed images, but what if you’ve got a 200-page document in which you need to find a particular word or phrase? Use Acrobat to recognize the text in that scanned file, making the text content searchable and usable.

  1. With your scanned document open in Acrobat, open up the Tools pane and expand the Text Recognition panel. If you can’t see “Text Recognition” in the Tools pane, you can add it by selecting the menu in the upper right corner (image below – see where that little red arrow is pointing? Click there).
  2. Click on “In This File” to scan the document you’ve got open. You can just accept the default settings and click “Okay” when the Recognize Text box pops up.
  3. Acrobat will convert the image into usable text; to test it out, just try editing a word or sentence with the Content Editing panel. Isn’t that awesome!?

Screenshots-06 Screenshots-11