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Acrobat 101:   Reviewing and Commenting on PDF

Work with comments in a PDF file

Now that you’re a pro at getting comments into a PDF file, you may have found yourself with another kind of problem. Maybe you’ve got a lot of people all leaving comments on the same file, and you just can’t keep them all straight! Sticky notes are everywhere! HELP!

Relax, okay? You’ve got this. Acrobat can help you manage those comments like someone who’s had a little less coffee and a little more sleep. Check it out:

  1. Open up your Comments pane and expand that bottom panel, “Comments List”. This is where you can see a collection of every comment in the document according to author, date, type of comment, and where it is in the document.
  2. Are you feeling better yet? Good. Let’s keep going.
  3. You can keep your feedback organized here in a few different ways:
    • Sort according to date, author, page, or type of comment.
    • Filter according to type, author, or status of a comment.
    • Change a comment’s status: Accept, cancel, reject, or mark as complete any comment in the file.
  4. If you like, you can also print, summarize or export these comments to keep on using this feedback wherever you need it.

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