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Microsoft’s much-anticipated new operating system Windows 10 is finally here. Leading up to the release, Adobe and Microsoft spent some time working together to certify Acrobat DC for compatibility with Windows 10. We’re happy to report that Acrobat DC passed every test for reliability, performance, and user experience when installed on Intel-based systems running Microsoft® Windows® 10. In short, you can eagerly install Windows 10 today! Right now! …Without worrying that it won’t play nice with Acrobat DC.

Windows 10 compatibility has already been made available as part of the July update of Acrobat DC (released earlier this month). There are currently no major known issues,* but as with any new release of an operating system, it’s possible that you may see something arise that was not discovered during testing. If you encounter any odd behavior, please report it to us in the Acrobat forum.

Are you on Windows 10 already? What do you think? Let us know in the comments; we’re curious!

*Windows 10 includes a new web browser called Microsoft Edge, in addition to Internet Explorer 11. Currently, the Microsoft Edge browser does not support the Acrobat PDF plugin. Internet Explorer 11, along with other major Windows browsers, continues to support the Acrobat PDF plugin.

Product News

Posted on 07-30-2015


  • By Loraine - 8:29 PM on August 9, 2015   Reply

    I’m an antique for starters. Adobe worked for me for a couple of years since 2011 but suddenly stopped a few months ago. I downloaded Microsoft 10 last week but, like many others, still can’t see the ‘accept’ button for the license agreement (which incidentally I never had to use before)and still cannot use Adobe to read pdf documents. Any guidance would be helpful.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 10:45 AM on August 11, 2015   Reply

      Hi Loraine,

      Can you confirm that you’re trying to download and run Acrobat Reader DC in Windows 10? Also feel free to include the link where others are experiencing the same issue.


    • By sherrylake - 9:11 PM on May 23, 2016   Reply

      how do I pdf a word doc to acrobat on windows 10 . it opens in explorer??????

      • By Document Cloud Team - 1:03 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

        Hi sherrylake,

        Have you applied all the latest point updates for Acrobat DC? There were some important Windows 10 fixes recently.


  • By Guy Robinson - 3:58 AM on August 10, 2015   Reply

    Might be a thought since Microsoft is reluctant to show how, for Adobe to do a how to on getting to IE11 on windows 10 so users don’t get annoyed with Adobe. just a thought. p.s. Contact Australia Post eParcel section and let them know the fix too! Thanks, Guy

    • By Document Cloud Team - 10:42 AM on August 11, 2015   Reply

      Hi Guy,

      Great suggestion. Windows 10 already has the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11. To locate it simply type Internet Explorer into the search box at the bottom of the screen. When it appears in the list of results, right-click on it to Pin to taskbar or Pin to Start as you want.
      Or if you’re in the middle of using Edge and you find that you want to use IE11 you can open a new IE11 window (with the page you are currently on) by selecting the 3 dots … near the top-right of Edge then selecting Open with Internet Explorer.


      • By Irene - 11:11 AM on December 2, 2015   Reply

        After hours of checking settings on Windows 10 and Edge and reinstalling Acrobat DC, I found that your solution to use IE11 worked. Neither Edge, Chrome, Opera nor Firefox have full functionality to save completed info and print using Windows 10 and Acrobat DC.

        • By Document Cloud Team - 1:33 PM on December 7, 2015   Reply

          Hi Irene,

          Thanks for letting us know that IE11 worked for you. Some of the other browsers (not Edge) may work but you need to be using the Adobe PDF plug-in (comes with Adobe Reader) and not the built-in native PDF viewer.


  • By Bobbi - 7:56 PM on August 10, 2015   Reply

    Overall transition was smooth to windows 10 initially, now some bugs cropping up with Office 2013- finally got those fixed. One issue remaining is being able to save pdf’s downloaded from online journals- downloading now works, but keeps saying it’s read only, or file already in use, try saving to different folder. That just gives me the same error message. Any suggestions?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 10:52 AM on August 11, 2015   Reply

      Hi Bobbi,

      Are you seeing this error in Edge or IE11?


  • By Arun - 3:39 PM on August 15, 2015   Reply

    Is Microsoft planning to enable Adobe plugin for Edge browser? Or the users have to continue using IE?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:52 AM on August 26, 2015   Reply

      Hi Arun,

      We don’t have any additional updates at this point but be sure to check back soon.


      • By Document Cloud Team - 3:07 PM on August 27, 2015   Reply

        Hi Arun,

        Just a note to let you know that the Edge browser does not support Active X plugins and hence Adobe Reader plugin would not be supported.


  • By Dan - 12:19 AM on August 17, 2015   Reply

    Now on Windows 10. Used Acrobat DC to open my PDFs, but the text is blurry. How do I sharpen the image?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 2:36 PM on August 17, 2015   Reply

      Hi Dan,

      Do you have Preferences > General > Scale for screen resolution set to “Auto-Detect”?


  • By Natalie - 9:52 AM on September 11, 2015   Reply

    Purchased Adobe DC subscription earlier this year, have been using and love. Computer died, needed to buy new one, can’t find where to re-download purchased Adobe. Help?

  • By rd - 6:05 PM on September 18, 2015   Reply

    installed windows 10.Everytime I open, open after saving adobe file, it says that there is an error and program must close and it closes!! I even installed the Adobe 9 Pro again to no avail.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 10:02 AM on September 29, 2015   Reply

      Hi rd,

      Only Acrobat DC is compatible with Windows 10. If this is the version you’re using, try running the Repair command from under the Help menu to correct the problem.


  • By Alan - 4:59 PM on December 1, 2015   Reply

    Do I understand your response to mean that none of acrobat’s prior versions will work with Windows 10? I have acrobat pro XI and have been trying to get Win10 to recognized it as the default PDF viewer, which it will not do. It would be nice if Adobe would support its prior users better.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:41 PM on December 7, 2015   Reply

      Hi Alan,

      The 11.0.12 update of Acrobat X introduced support for Windows 10. Do you have this update? You can find information on the system requirements for Acrobat XI here:


      • By David Morrill - 5:29 AM on April 1, 2016   Reply

        Nope. Doesn’t work consistently, at least with the current version (11.0.15)

        • By Document Cloud Team - 9:25 AM on April 4, 2016   Reply

          Hi David,

          Can you detail what isn’t working for you on Windows 10?


          • By David Morrill - 11:57 AM on April 18, 2016  

            When printing from Edge to Adobe PDF printer, the program properly asks where the file should be created and then appears to be starting the process, but in 90% of the cases, it does not print and instead hangs.

          • By Document Cloud Team - 1:13 PM on May 3, 2016  

            Hi David,

            Do you have all the latest point updates for Acrobat DC installed? Does this same error occur in Internet Explorer?


  • By Debra - 5:04 PM on December 11, 2015   Reply

    I have just upgraded hardware and it comes with Windows 10 . I use the Chrome browser. I have installed Acrobat DC – but I can’t open any PDF documents at all! Any help would be appreciated. Is it possible to go back to Adobe XI with Windows 10?

  • By JimmyW - 4:19 PM on December 15, 2015   Reply

    After updating to Win 10 TH2, my Acrobat 11 Pro can no longer be made the default app for PDFs. Instead, MS insists that Edge open PDFs. The only way that I can open a PDF with Acrobat, is to use the Edit with Acrobat from the right-click context menu. Even editing the registry did not help. Acrobat Reader is not installed.

    • By Rebecca Staley - 12:12 PM on December 16, 2015   Reply

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve heard from several Windows 10 users who have also had trouble making Acrobat the default program for opening PDF files. Here’s a support article on the subject with instructions for setting default programs in Windows 10:

      Hope that helps!

      • By Michael Mills - 12:29 PM on November 30, 2017   Reply

        The noted support article does not work, for my Win10 using Acrobat XI. When I click on the button, the “opens with” remains as “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” instead of the selection “Adobe Acrobat”.
        In Windows 10, I have done several updates, clean-ups, etc. As of this post, I am now back to the problem of getting Acrobat XI to be the default program. I have attempted several things, including changing the Windows Settings for the default programs. I went through this during the 2016 summer.
        I think I will simply eliminate Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from my programs (Apps).

  • By Matt - 11:43 AM on December 17, 2015   Reply

    I have a co-worker who just upgraded her laptop. This laptop came with Windows 10. She cannot print any PDFs from Acrobat DC, she can see the printer(s) and select them, but when she prints nothing happens….We downloaded Adobe reader which seems to work but she uses Adobe DC all the time for editing etc. Has anyone else come across this and are there any solutions.


    • By Document Cloud Team - 4:51 PM on December 17, 2015   Reply

      Hi Matt,

      Has she tried running the Repair command located under the Help menu?


  • By Andy - 4:48 PM on December 22, 2015   Reply

    Hi, I downloaded Windows 10 last week, and watched my existing PDF’s get “hijacked” by the edge software. After that, I was not able to drag & drop my existing pdf’s into some critical software I have, so I found an end around where I was able to disengage Microsoft’s edge from my PDF’s, and my existing PDF files went back to their original look & feel – so that was great. I’m now attempting to download some newer documents into PDF for my desktop…and I’m getting the document along with headers on the right, left & top. How do I get rid of these “adders” so I can simply see my document without all of the additional “Export PDF” “Create PDF” etc instructions?

  • By Lisa H - 10:34 AM on December 31, 2015   Reply

    I use Adobe Acrobat XI and ever since I loaded Windows 10 printing to pdf is inconsistent. It doesn’t seem to matter which program I am using. Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn’t. Is XI standard compatible with Windows 10? If so, how can I make it print consistently? Thank you.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 8:48 AM on January 4, 2016   Reply

      Hi Lisa,

      Do you have all the latest point updates installed for Acrobat XI? 11.0.12 was the first point update to support Windows 10. Also, 11.0.13 introduced some printing updates.


      • By Lisa H - 2:11 PM on January 4, 2016   Reply

        Thank you for your response. I do have the latest 11.0.13 installed. It seems to work the best when I chose “Microsoft Print to PDF” as my printer rather than “Adobe PDF”. Sometimes when I chose “Adobe PDF” I get an error message “Printer not ready” and sometimes it acts like it is printing to PDF but when I look for the file it doesn’t exist. I’m still trying to discern a pattern of when it works and when it doesn’t.

  • By Ruth Green - 9:51 PM on January 4, 2016   Reply

    I just installed Windows 10, and downloaded Reader DC. But it hangs when I start the installation process.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 9:30 AM on January 5, 2016   Reply

      Hi Ruth,

      Have you tried these troubleshooting tips?


  • By Harvey - 9:38 PM on January 11, 2016   Reply

    I have tried suggestion several times to resolve IE 11 issue. I cannot open web pdf files directly into Reader.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:20 PM on January 12, 2016   Reply

      Hi Harvey,

      Are you using Reader DC? Or a different version. Do you have all the very latest point updates installed?^LK

  • By Mary Ann - 7:45 PM on January 15, 2016   Reply

    I have Windows 10 and have all kinds of problems. But with this everytime I want to read something on websites it will take me to the Adobe download page to download something I already have. It’s getting to upset me more and more.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:55 AM on January 19, 2016   Reply

      Hi Mary Ann,

      The very latest point update (January 2015) of Acrobat/Reader DC should correct the Windows 10 permission issues. TO make sure you have the latest point updates installed, check under Help > Check for Updates.


  • By David - 2:32 PM on January 25, 2016   Reply

    Adobe Acrobat DC does NOT work with Windows 10. I have uninstalled, run the Adobe cleaner, reinstalled and every time I open Acrobat DC it crashes… sometimes I get an entire 4-5 seconds before it crashes, but I cannot scroll, print, or use the PDF reader at all.

    It’s not me or my HP Pavilion laptop running Win10 on an i5 processor with 4 gb RAM… The forums are full of these reports, so when’s the fix coming?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 4:26 PM on January 25, 2016   Reply

      Hi David,

      Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Have you tried any of the suggestions mentioned here:


  • By Zach - 7:28 PM on February 4, 2016   Reply

    While it appears to be compatible with my system, Adobe Acrobat DC provides less functionality than opening in my browser. For example, I can copy text from my bowser (Chrome), but not from Adobe Acrobat DC.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 9:39 AM on February 5, 2016   Reply

      Hi Zach,

      Are you opening the PDF file directly in Acrobat DC or within a browser like IE. If so, are you opening in the browser using the Adobe PDF Add-on or a native PDF viewer from Microsoft?

  • By Jane - 11:44 PM on March 15, 2016   Reply

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if I can install Acrobat DC if I do not have DVD player in my new machine with window 10? I hesitate to purchase the Acrobat Pro DC version now. Thanks.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 9:13 AM on March 16, 2016   Reply

      Hi Jane,

      You can use the Electronic Software Download to install Acrobat DC, so you don’t need a DVD player. In fact you can test this by downloading the 30-day trial version.

  • By sal - 2:57 PM on March 16, 2016   Reply

    I am checking the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for the office and I seen that the System requirements for this last version that not include the windows 7 versions. please check and let me know if that is the case.

    System requirements

    These system requirements are for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software (v2015). Because system requirements change with each software update, see the Release Notes for your software version for the latest information on supported operating systems and browsers.


    1.5GHz or faster processor
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit), 2012 (64 bit), or 2012 R2 (64 bit); Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8, 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit), or Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
    1GB of RAM
    4.5GB of available hard-disk space
    1024×768 screen resolution
    Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 or 11; Firefox (ESR)
    Video hardware acceleration (optional)

    Thank you.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 10:47 AM on March 17, 2016   Reply

      Hi sal,

      As noted in your post, Acrobat DC is supported for Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) systems.


  • By Mike Smeltz - 8:43 AM on March 23, 2016   Reply

    I have Adobe Acrobat on a Windows 10 machine. It is my default PDF software because I edit a lot of PDFs. When I load Adobe Reader DC, DC takes over as being the default PDF software, which I do not want, and I cannot change it through Programs>Features. Adobe Acrobat does not even show up in the Default Programs list. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 2:15 PM on March 25, 2016   Reply

      Hi Mike,

      Make sure you have all the latest point updates installed for Acrobat. This was fixed in the Nov. 2015 update as detailed here:


    • By Michael Mills - 8:34 AM on May 14, 2016   Reply

      I have a similar problem as Mike S. I have recently installed Windows 10. I clicked all the buttons to make Adobe Acrobat 9 the default *.pdf software. However, Adobe Reader DC still takes over as the default for *.pdf files.
      If I am correctly reading the update that LK has referred to, that update is only for the Adobe DC programs.
      From another website, I found a suggestion for 2 alternate method of setting the default. ( Neither method solves this problem.
      I did notice one thing. Mike S. notes that Acrobat (non DC) does not show up in the folder for Programs>Features (etc.), maybe because this folder only points to the folder “Program Files” Acrobat-exe on my PC shows up in the folder “Program Files (x86)”, which Features does not point to.
      There is a bigger problem here that I do not know how to solve.
      Help is appreciated.

      • By Document Cloud Team - 3:04 PM on May 17, 2016   Reply

        Hi Michael,
        Only Acrobat XI and DC are compatible with Windows 10. In later versions of Acrobat/Reader the Default PDF Handler preference was introduced, but it’s not in version 9. Do you need both Acrobat and Reader installed?


        • By Michael Mills - 10:40 PM on May 17, 2016   Reply

          To LK,
          No, I only need Acrobat. I considered uninstalling Adobe Reader DC, but hesitated to determine if it is needed for anything else in Windows 10.
          Your advice is appreciated.

        • By Michael Mills - 6:20 AM on July 9, 2016   Reply

          To LK,
          I took your advice and purchased Acrobat XI. I am back to normal operations. Thanks.
          Extra: I had to download a tools utility for Acrobat XI to get all of the functionality that I had with Acrobat 9.

  • By Rose - 3:02 PM on April 26, 2016   Reply

    I recently downloaded the Adobe Reader DC and am experiencing blurry text on the documents. I have a MAC pro running OS X 10.5.5.
    Any suggestions for a fix?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:11 PM on May 3, 2016   Reply

      Hi Rose,

      In the Preferences under the General section, make sure you have Scale for screen resolution turned on.


  • By David - 3:49 PM on May 24, 2016   Reply

    Just upgraded to Windows 10. Now Reader DC crashes on a regular basis when trying to scroll through a document. Is there a patch, upgrade, or configuration modification to fix this. It is really annoying.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 12:58 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

      Hi David,

      Have you applied all the latest point updates for Reader DC? There have been several specific fixes for Windows 10.


  • By Rob Verlaan - 6:23 AM on June 8, 2016   Reply

    I have Windows 10 on my laptop, last week my Adobe reader was upgraded to DC, and that was the start of our problems, our printers are OK but when asked to print a pdf file we get two messages saying printer not reacting and no page selected, and when wanting to print a SARS document we get a message saying; “shockwave flash stopped responding or not available”. We have communicated with an Adobe Call centre but without much success so farto resolve this problem.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 3:29 PM on June 8, 2016   Reply

      Hi Rob,

      Have you updated Reader DC updated to the very latest point version? Have you tried making sure you’re printing from within Reader and not a 3rd party PDF viewer built into some browsers?


    • By Document Cloud Team - 12:28 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

      Hi Rob,

      Are you printing directly from Adobe Reader or from within a web browser. If you’re in a browser, make sure you’re using Internet Explorer and not Edge. Edge does not support the Adobe PDF Plug-in.


  • By Mary Elizabeth - 9:02 PM on June 8, 2016   Reply

    I recently started having problems with printing pdf from the edge browser. I have Adobe Acrobat XI and have pdf as a printer choice. I tried both the Adobe Acrobat pdf printer and Microsoft to pdf choice that Windows 10 installed. The program goes through all the steps to naming the file and save location but no pdf is actually created. This may have been going on for a while but I only realized the problem today. Any help is appreciated.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 12:24 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

      Hi Mary,

      Microsoft Edge browser does not support the Acrobat PDF plugin. Internet Explorer 11, along with other major Windows browsers, continues to support the Acrobat PDF plugin. Have you tried opening the PDF in Adobe Reader instead of the browser and then printing?


  • By MomOf4 - 4:14 AM on June 11, 2016   Reply

    I cannot open ANY PDF at all with windows 10 never had problem before. The windows 10 had me install adobe acrobat dc. and never works. Just says internal error every time I try to open any pdf at all. I use Chrome.Thanks

    • By Document Cloud Team - 12:08 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

      Hi MomOf4,

      Have you applied all the point updates for Adobe Reader DC as well? There have been some fixes for file associations in these updates.


  • By Linda Clark - 5:48 AM on July 9, 2016   Reply

    Hi,I am using Acrobat Reader DC and Windows 10 with Chrome as browser. Reader keeps stopping and Windows 10 puts up a close box. I have used the Adobe cleanup tool to uninstall reader, then reinstalled it. It doesn’t stop so frequently, but it still stops. All updates for Adobe Reader have been installed.

  • By Andy - 5:55 AM on July 19, 2016   Reply

    when opening PDF’s created by someone else and get ‘cannot connect to network’ error
    this didn’t happen before windows 10. I am using DC

    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:49 AM on July 29, 2016   Reply

      Hi Andy,

      Do you have all the latest point updates for Reader DC installed? Have you tried temporarily turning off Protected Mode under Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) to see if this is affecting things?


  • By Andrew P - 5:46 AM on July 21, 2016   Reply


    We receive a lot of drawing from our customers as signed PDF’s. On windows 7 thes could be opened. on window 10 we get a ‘cannot connect to network’ error. I know that uninstalling update KB3161608 fixed this on windows 7 but we have no solution for windows 10. we use adobe reader DC here.


    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:26 AM on July 29, 2016   Reply

      Hi Andrew,

      Have you updated to the very latest point version of Reader DC? There have been several Win10 updates recently.


  • By Jeanette - 10:24 PM on July 22, 2016   Reply

    Win 10 had be download Acrobat DC – it has never worked – crashes EVERY time I try to open a PDF document. I have uninstalled DC and reverted back to Reader XI which works fine.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:29 AM on July 29, 2016   Reply

      Hi Jeanette,

      This sounds a bit like a Protected Mode issue. If it happens in the future, try temporarily turning off Protected Mode under Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) to see if this is the cause.


  • By Greg Watt - 1:14 PM on November 3, 2016   Reply

    When I switched to Windows 10, the type in my pdf documents is more pixelated than before. I can’t find a setting, other than zoom) that will change back to the readability that I had before.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 5:20 PM on February 15, 2017   Reply

      We may suggest a tweak to your preferences in Acrobat/Reader.
      Preferences: Launch Acrobat>Edit>Preference>”Page Display”  and “3D & Multimedia”.

  • By John - 10:42 AM on November 21, 2016   Reply

    Adobe Reader DC Read Out Loud Won’t work!

  • By Roger - 6:40 AM on January 12, 2017   Reply

    reader working fine up until an update this morning. Now keep getting message reader has stopped working.Have uninstalled and reinstalled to no effect.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 5:17 PM on February 15, 2017   Reply

      Hi Roger. Please check if there are updates available for your instance of Reader, restart the machine, and let us know if the issue persists. ^TD

  • By barbu tocker - 2:08 PM on February 24, 2017   Reply

    I have Win 10 and acrobat reader DC isn’t working. I see compatibility for Win 7. Why?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 7:05 PM on April 13, 2017   Reply

      Hi Barbu! Acrobat Reader DC is compatible with windows 10. Try installing pending updates if any. To check for updates, Launch Reader>Help>Check for updates.
      Once the updates are installed restart your machine and try again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue Launch Reader>Help>Repair installation. Restart and try again.
      Let us know if that helps! ^TD

  • By Diana - 1:38 PM on March 7, 2017   Reply

    I unfortunately upgraded to Windows 10 now my HP Printer/Scanner will not scan anything to my system. I’m not purchasing a new printer. Please assist.

  • By By An - 12:56 PM on March 20, 2017   Reply

    I have tried everything to add an email program to Adobe Reader DC. I do not have the Microsoft Office suite installed on my Windows 10 computer (I use Libre Office). Cannot send a .pdf document from inside Reader. Can’t find a way to link Windows Mail to Reader, either. My personal email is web-based (, and I can find no way to link that to Reader. Can you help?

  • By David Day - 4:53 AM on April 30, 2017   Reply

    I am running Windows 10 and “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe” which will not directly send emails via Windows Mail. I can attach a PDF from Windows Mail but occasionally I would like to directly send the PDF from Acrobat. What’s wrong? When I look a Properties the Compatibility List only goes up to Windows 8.

  • By David Day - 3:35 PM on May 2, 2017   Reply

    Re my earlier post, The Adobe Acrobat DC I am running is 2017 Release| Version 2017.009.20044 My technical adviser says that there is a conflict between this version and Windows Mail. Is Adobe addressing this conflict?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:30 PM on July 21, 2017   Reply

      Make sure windows mail is your default mail client on your machine. Then Launch Acrobat/Reader , Edit>Preferences>Email Accounts, click on drop down and choose email you want to add. Make that default, restart the app and try again. Please let us know if that solves your issue, and if you have any further questions. Thanks! ^TD

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