Adobe Acrobat X and Adobe Reader X End of Support

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As outlined in the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy, Adobe provides five years of product support from the general availability date of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. In line with that policy, support for Adobe Acrobat 10.x and Adobe Reader 10.x will end on November 15, 2015.

End of Support

End of Support means that Adobe will no longer provide technical support or distribute runtimes, including product and/or security updates, for all derivatives of a product or product version (e.g. localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products).

What does this mean for me?

While you may continue to use Acrobat and Reader X, Adobe will no longer provide any updates or address any existing bugs or security issues in the software. Technical support for this version of Acrobat will also be discontinued.

What should I do now?

For the most reliable and secure experience using Adobe Acrobat software, we recommend upgrading to the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This will ensure that you benefit from all new functional enhancements and security updates, not to mention support for newer operating systems.

Additional Resources

For more information on the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy, visit
For a complete list of Adobe products and technical support periods covered under the policy, visit

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Posted on 09-14-2015


  • By xxslowfox - 9:08 AM on November 10, 2015   Reply

    Cannot install Adobe/Acrobat Reader since I upgaded to windows 10 and downgraded again to windows 7. Now my Acrobat reader doesn’t work anymore, but also can not beinstalled cause of: ” Die für die Anzeige von PDF Dokumenten im Browser ausgewählte Anwendung kann am Installationsort nicht gefunden werden. Möglicherweise wurde sie verschoben oder gelöscht.Installieren sie die Anwendung neu oder reparieren Sie sie15:524 ” I think I have tried all possibilities now. But one function of Adobe can not be deinstalled cause it cannot be find. Also new installation isn’t possibel. What to do?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 2:48 PM on November 11, 2015   Reply

      Have you tried running the Repair command from under the Help menu? Also, when you do this, make sure all your browsers are closed first.


  • By Dotte Bennett - 6:17 PM on December 1, 2015   Reply

    Before the stinking DC got into Acrobat Reader I could open a PDF (until I got the latest update DC) and make comments and highlight text. Now, I can NOT highlight text, only make comments. What the hell is going on. Nice how programmers think they know what a person should use and FORCE them to use it. I do NOT use the Cloud and this version has screwed up my use of the great “free” adobe. Thanks a lot. Oh, do you have an answer AS TO WHY i CAN NOT HIGHLIGHT IN THE GREAT NEW VERSION? I have XP on one computer that I have to use for older programs and Windows 7 on laptop.

    Thank you for your reply.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:35 PM on December 7, 2015   Reply

      Hi Dotte,

      Have you tried Repairing the Reader installation on your system? This command is located under the Help menu. You should be able to highlight text Adobe Reader DC.


  • By Xavier - 10:36 AM on January 22, 2016   Reply

    What is the difference between released 1/7 and released 1/12?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 11:18 AM on January 22, 2016   Reply

      Hi Xavier, is the latest update for the Flash Player. You can find details here:


  • By carole cuozzo - 7:47 PM on April 5, 2016   Reply

    having an issue with pdfs coming from only one person. i get a message that i need “simplified chinese language support…..” so i tried to download the package and then i get a message that i need adobe reader x. where can i download adobe reader x from?

  • By Art - 3:10 PM on April 20, 2016   Reply

    I have similar issues as Dotte. I could add, delete and move pages with adobe acrobat 10 or 11 but now with DC I need to purchase that option. Why are we forced to uninstall the older version. they highlighter/comment also do not work on DC

    • By Document Cloud Team - 3:23 PM on April 20, 2016   Reply

      The Adobe Reader has never had the ability to add, delete, or move pages. You don’t need to uninstall the older version. You can download them here when you select a different version in step 3:


  • By Art - 9:51 AM on April 21, 2016   Reply

    Thanks. When I installed DC it uninstalled the other one and now I cannot add the different version in Step 3 because “I already have a newer version” as per the message when install fails. Thanks for your help.

  • By Erotavlas - 10:20 AM on April 24, 2016   Reply

    I know that the support for Adobe Reader X it is terminated. However I’m still using it and I cannot upgrade since a software that it used in my company it is only compatible with latest version 10.1.16.
    The English version provides the sign function in the toolbar. While in the Italian version the sign button is not available and I cannot add it to toolbar menu.
    The sign function is present in the menu under view->show/hide->navigation panel even if it is shadowed and I cannot click it.
    I tried to manually install the sign function as described here without success. Any suggestions? Have I to use the English version?

    Thank you

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:29 PM on April 26, 2016   Reply

      Hi Erotavlas,

      Are you using a customized version of Reader X in your organization? It is possible that the online services have been blocked by your IT department?


  • By Edward - 3:29 PM on May 17, 2016   Reply

    Hi, I received Adobe Acrobat X from Fujitsu when I bought the scanner. All I do is use the OCR and reader. I clicked on a link to upgrade Adobe Reader but I did not need any upgrade. Now I cannot OCR any documents. I feel scammed by Adobe. Is there a way to address this? Is my Adobe Acrobat X still on my computer and can I get rid of Adobe DC?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 7:28 PM on May 23, 2016   Reply

      Hi there! It sounds like you’re opening PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC instead of Adobe Acrobat X – but that doesn’t mean that Acrobat X has been uninstalled from your computer; it just means that Reader is now the program designated to open PDF files, and Reader is only for viewing PDF files, not for working on them (for example, with OCR functionality). All you have to do is make Acrobat the default PDF viewer so that your PDF files will open in Acrobat automatically. Just follow the instructions in this forum thread:

      Hope that helps! Let us know if you need more assistance.


  • By Cari - 3:15 PM on June 12, 2016   Reply

    I recently “upgraded” to Windows 10 and Adobe Reader X was automatically installed with it. About a month after there was an update that occurred upon shut down. The next day ALL of my files had been converted to Adobe files. The programs associated with these files now run very slow and I can’t change them back. I can’t even open the files. Every single file gets an error stating it is not a supported file or is damaged.

    • By Document Cloud Team - 12:06 PM on June 20, 2016   Reply

      Hi Cari,

      The first versions of Adobe Reader to support Windows 10 are DC or XI. So, You’ll want to uninstall and then reinstall a later version. Once you have a new version installed, make sure you apply all the latest point updates as well. This should correct the file association problems.


  • By jeevan k s - 5:53 AM on June 27, 2016   Reply

    unable to open the document.

  • By Vic - 5:35 PM on May 17, 2017   Reply

    I recently downloaded Adobe Reader XI to help me transfer my PDF files to Word. Although the transfers are being made, the end result is not like the original transferred document. The documents come out with gibberish and unreadable symbols, etc. Prior to transferring the file to Word I get this message: “Because this file was created in a newer version of Word, , it has been converted to a format that you can work with. However, the following items have been affected: Features that do not exist in this version if Word have been removed. Layout and the ability to edit certain features have changed.” Can anyone assist with this problem. Is it possible my version of Word is too old and not compatible?

    • By Document Cloud Team - 1:36 PM on July 21, 2017   Reply

      Hi Vic. This resource may help explain why you are seeing gibberish text:
      Once you convert the pdf to word it converts it to the latest form of word and it seems you may have older version of Word installed. But that shouldn’t restrict you from editing; you may check with Microsoft what could be difference between two versions in terms of editing and formatting the text. ^TD

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