Adobe Document Cloud Tools for Top Purr-formance


Working in an office is like herding cats.

Without the perseverance of project drivers, we’d all sit in endless meetings playing business buzzword bingo. Today, on Cat Herders Day, we honor the true champions of the workplace. The unsung heroes of finished projects and met deadlines.

With Adobe Document Cloud, we hope to make it even easier to round up the cats in your office. Check out some different tools you can leverage to keep projects running smoothly:

Gather multiple signatures on one document

You’re onboarding a new vendor, and need to gather signatures on a non-disclosure agreement. The vendor is based in another country, and your boss is on vacation. No big deal! You send out the NDA for e-signature from both parties, receive the signed and completed document, and grab another cup of coffee – all by 8 AM. Awesome.

Save time (and sanity) with Mega Sign

You’ve got a long list of people who need to sign their own instance of a single contract. Tedious, time-consuming, terrible… or is it? Send a single contract out for hundreds or even thousands of individual signatures with Mega Sign. It’s mega helpful.

Leverage the power of Sharepoint and Dropbox

With so many different assets to keep track of, it’s no wonder your team uses Sharepoint and Dropbox. Bring collaboration to the next level by leveraging the integrations with Adobe Acrobat DC. Seamlessly work with and share PDFs in the way that best suits your needs.

Gather project feedback with shared reviews

We all know it takes a village to edit a piece of content. You send a document out for review, and receive piecemeal responses in a rainbow of different file formats. Make the review process painless for yourself and your team – collaborate with coworkers by sending a PDF out for shared commenting.


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Posted on 12-15-2015

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