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AmerisourceBergen helps hospitals, pharmacies, and ultimately patients get the medications they need through efficient, global supply chains that improve access to pharmaceuticals. Customer care representatives at the AmerisourceBergen call centers work directly with hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to not only take pharmaceutical orders, but to also process returns. “If our customers have reason to return a certain drug, we want to make it easy for them to return medications,” says Greg Glaser, Director of Platform Deliveries at AmerisourceBergen. “The faster we can receive a resaleable product into our inventory, the greater opportunity we have to recoup revenue and eliminate waste.”

AmerisourceBergen puts all returns through extensive, internal quality control checks because it’s important to know whether returned medications were handled and stored properly. Before initiating any return, call center representatives draft a return agreement for a customer to sign that confirms the products being returned and certifies that they were handled correctly. AmerisourceBergen was using Salesforce to manage most information about customers, but specifics about returns were handled within a separate enterprise resource planning platform. Representatives moved between the two applications, copying information from one record to another. After printing the return agreement and faxing it to customers, representatives had to wait for the agreement to be signed and faxed back.

AmerisourceBergen embarked on an initiative to accelerate returns by using automation to complete the entire process through the Salesforce Service Cloud. “One of the biggest impediments to fast turnaround was getting a wet signature on the return agreement, since it was the one step completely out of our control,” says Glaser. “We decided to look at electronic signature solutions to alleviate these issues. Adobe eSign services were a logical choice due to compatibility with Salesforce and Conga Composer.”

“By combining Salesforce, Conga Composer, and Adobe eSign services, a process that previously took weeks or even months can now be completed in just three days,” says Glaser. “Representatives never need to leave the Salesforce interface, resulting in far less training for new call center representatives just coming on board.”

The new workflow using Salesforce, Conga Composer, and eSign services also improves accuracy and auditability, reducing risk for AmerisourceBergen. Since Conga Composer pulls information directly from customer and product databases, there is far less chance of errors on the agreement caused by mistyped information. “The audit trail within eSign services provides us with valuable insight,” says Glaser. “We can go back at any time to see where the chain of custody changed for an agreement and when it was signed.”

After demonstrating success through RMA processes,AmerisourceBergen expanded to bring efficiencies to other processes such as hardware, software, and licensing procurement for the sourcing team. The company is looking to expand the use of eSign services to more teams across the company, including locations in 55 countries. “The automation gained by combining Salesforce, Conga Composer, and Adobe eSign services has helped us increase revenue, deliver faster customer service, and reduce risk from human error,” says Glaser. “We look forward to experiencing these benefits in other applications across the company.”

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Adobe Sign, Customer Showcase

Posted on 12-08-2015

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