Wie euch ein Pilotprojekt dabei hilft, die elektronische Signatur erfolgreich in eurem Unternehmen einzuführen

Neue Aufnahmemodi für Adobe Scan

Von der Idee zum Tattoo mit Adobe Acrobat DC und Dr. Woo

Colleen Francis

Engage Selling

Colleen Francis is recognized as one of the world’s top sales consultants. Time and time again, she’s helped organizations create greater sales success with her frank, no-nonsense approach. She’s worked with organizations such as Merck, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada, Dow Agrosciences, Adecco, Trend Micro, United Online, and over 1,000 other leading businesses. She is a distinguished Certified Sales Professional, a past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. With her vast speaking experience, she creates high-value, content rich programs to deliver to sales audiences of all sizes. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Nonstop Sales Boom.
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The Role of Tech in the Future of Sales (It’s Even Bigger Than You Think)

Efficiency is no longer just doing the same things we used to do, only faster. The impact of technology on a business’s ability to boost sales is deeper than that. Technology is no longer optional in sales. Veteran salespeople can adopt, adapt and thrive, or they can resist and be shown the door.

The Future of Sales: Rethinking the Sales Manager

In sales, managing used to be an 80/20 formula. Managers paid little or no attention to the 20% of a team getting 80% of the results. Instead, they focused on who wasn’t in that winners’ circle: managing problems rather than people. Today the focus has shifted to managing 100% of the team to achieve 100% of their results. But how do you get there?

The Future of Sales: Rethink Compensation

As Dan Pink argued in his 2009 best seller, Drive: “carrots and sticks are so last century.” We can do better. Align compensation with all your business goals, not just your sales goals. Sales expert Colleen Francis explains why.

Future of Sales: Boost Your Insider Sales Skills

Show your customers that they have gained privileged new connections within your organization and with other customers, just by doing business with you. Show them that they’re more than just a transaction. Your skills make this possible when every member of the sales team can perform both as part of a team and as a community leader, and do so within a digital culture.

The Future of Sales: Create a Community with a Sense of Belonging

Selling is about creating partnerships with your clients. The truth is, buyers have been moving past partnerships for quite some time now. Your customer wants to be treated as an insider. Read more from sales expert Colleen Francis.

The Future of Sales: Building the Right Team for Revenue Success

Having studied the habits and decisions of today’s leaders in sales and marketing, Colleen Francis has zeroed-in on five fundamental traits that are already redefining what it means to sell and what it takes to grow in the marketplace today and in years to come.

Top 5 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce 2016 is a wrap and what a week it has been. As a sales leader, Colleen Francis shares her takeaways for sales professionals from Dreamforce 2016.