Wie euch ein Pilotprojekt dabei hilft, die elektronische Signatur erfolgreich in eurem Unternehmen einzuführen

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Von der Idee zum Tattoo mit Adobe Acrobat DC und Dr. Woo

Dan Puterbaugh

Senior Legal Advocate for Adobe Document Cloud


As an attorney for over 20 years, Dan Puterbaugh has written and spoken extensively on issues related to electronic signatures and records. He is the Chairman of the Electronic Signature and Records Association and has spoken at the annual Association of Corporate Counsel and the American Bar Association Technology Conference. He has also published articles on a variety of topics related to electronic transactions, electronic signature law, simplifying legal workflows, and the challenges of electronic signature implementations. Dan joined Adobe in 2008 as the legal lead for LiveCycle, Adobe’s enterprise document solution. Prior to joining Adobe, Dan spent seven years as assistant general counsel at Intuit Inc. He is a member of the California Bar Association and received his Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University.
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Was sind die aktuellsten Informationen über neue gesetzliche Anforderungen an globale elektronische Signaturen? Mit diesem Beitrag bringen wir Licht ins Dunkel.

COWs, COLTs, and Continuity

After Hurricane Harvey I realized a co-worker I’d been in touch with all week was in Houston. She’d checked in with loved ones, coordinated with neighbors, and found volunteer opportunities. Thinking about her situation and the apparent ease with which she continued her work made me realize how important mobile communications are to business continuity.

Adobe Sign Streamlines Adobe Stock Submissions

We’re excited to debut a new Adobe Sign integration, inside of Adobe Stock, which will help creatives showcase and sell their work even faster than before. Today’s update to the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal streamlines the critical, yet time consuming, process of getting a model or property releases sent, signed and uploaded, by adding trusted, legal e-signatures through Adobe Sign.

Leading Law Firm Saves Time Moving to Digital Paper Processes using Adobe Sign

The Perkins Coie team also considered the amount of paper being used – from internal communications to client-facing materials – and decided the time was right to implement a paperless approach worldwide. With Adobe Sign, the firm saw an immediate improvement in the time needed to secure digital signatures needed to complete HR and procurement contracts, while significantly reducing the use of paper.

Adobe Applauds Arizona’s Efforts to Advance Electronic Signature Laws

Adobe is pleased to announce that the Arizona Senate unanimously passed a bill requiring state agencies to accept electronic records and electronic signatures. The bill revises legacy requirements for signatures, expands the definition of electronic signatures to include digital signatures, and makes related changes to technical requirements. Check out the news.

Adobe Helps California Broaden Electronic Signature Use

Adobe worked with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Assemblyman Evan Low to clarify the laws so that state agencies, cities and counties were empowered to accept electronic signatures whenever possible. The result is Assembly Bill 2296 that declares that California state agencies can accept whichever type of signature is appropriate for a particular transaction.

Signing Up: Digital Signatures Mature Through Industry Collaboration

In order to simplify compliance with the new eIDAS regulation, Adobe and twelve other industry-leading organizations have formed the Cloud Signature Consortium to build a new open standard for cloud-based digital signatures.

E-signatures and the Realization of the EU Single Digital Market

When eIDAS goes into effect on July 1, 2016, the European private sector will fully benefit from seamless and secure electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, as well as a predictable regulatory environment in which to develop and expand the use of electronic signatures and transactions in the EU.

The Highest Form of Flattery

You can save on storage and find documents more easily when they’re stored electronically. Those big-picture benefits are real, but they don’t give one a really concrete idea of exactly how using electronic documents will change the way lawyers work.

Bin Your Ballpoints: The Next Generation of Digital Signatures is Here

Electronic signatures save time, limit risk, and reduce waste. Learn how e-signatures can help legal professionals, even when working with the most highly regulated industries.

A Sign of the Times: Out of the Filing Cabinet and into the Future

We surveyed 300+ legal professionals about technology in the legal industry. The results may surprise you.

National eSign Day: Just What the Doctor Ordered

We know paper hurts. Read how the ESIGN Act allows Adobe Document Cloud to protect you from paper-related injuries. Originally posted on Adobe’s Public Policy blog.

5 Truths about Electronic Signatures Your Lawyer Can’t Resist

Fifteen years ago, the ESIGN Act made electronic signatures legal and enforceable. Read these 5 truths about esignatures that your lawyer can’t resist.