Wie euch ein Pilotprojekt dabei hilft, die elektronische Signatur erfolgreich in eurem Unternehmen einzuführen

Neue Aufnahmemodi für Adobe Scan

Von der Idee zum Tattoo mit Adobe Acrobat DC und Dr. Woo

Jon Perera

As vice president of product management for the Adobe Document Cloud, Jon Perera leads the company's strategy and roadmap for the PDF portfolio of Adobe – this includes Reader, Acrobat DC, and the SaaS offers across both consumer and enterprise segments. He also leads customer success for the enterprise e-sign services. He previously led the Adobe Education business, the company's largest vertical. Across more than twenty years in the software industry, Perera has held a variety of marketing, technical and field positions. He joined Adobe from Microsoft, where he last held the position of general manager of the company’s Academic Programs group. He also served as general manager of business operations for Microsoft’s international headquarters in Paris, France. He was one of the company’s first product managers on Windows NT, which led to innovations including Active Directory, .NET, and more; and he led the go to market for Microsoft’s middleware strategy across SQL Server, .NET, and Visual Studio. Perera has also served on the board of the Technology Access Foundation, which is working to help children of color in public schools become college-ready for the STEM-related fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. He holds a bachelors degree in Literature from Wesleyan University.

Adobe Sign Streamlines Signatures For Microsoft Dynamics

Adobe Sign now integrates with both the on-premise and online version of Microsoft Dynamics. This news supports our recently announced strategic partnership with Microsoft to help businesses transform customer engagement through integrations across Adobe, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Adobe Sensei, and the Impact It Will Have on the Future of Work

Adobe Sensei has been at the heart of Adobe Document Cloud all along with technology that works on your behalf, automating repetitive tasks, boosting productivity, and paving the way for the workplace of the future. It’s the science behind what we’ve always described as ‘Adobe magic.’ Check out some of the ways that machine learning and AI is already being put to work in Document Cloud.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Leads Adoption of Global Enterprise Mobile Standards

Organizations are working to enable personnel to work from any device, any time, and from any location. However, this flexibility presents a number of challenges for corporate IT departments to manage and secure countless devices and apps. Working with the AppConfig Community, Adobe is helping to establish and drive native standards for app configuration and security.

Adobe Sign Delivers Exceptional Experiences for Salesforce Customers

Today Adobe announced the latest release of our Adobe Sign integration with Salesforce, which will be featured at Dreamforce 2016. With an emphasis on experiences in mind, we developed new advances for this integration that allow Salesforce Classic and Lightning users to be more productive and spend less time with the ‘grunt’ work. See how.

The Class of 2016 Will Change the Workplace as We Know It Today

New graduates bring a fresh set of expectations — not only about work environments, but also about when and where they work, and about how they blend their work lives with their personal lives.

The Future of Work is Bright

Yesterday’s Think Tank about The Future of Work brought together thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds, geographies and organizations, to discuss and debate what the future holds for all of us in the workforce – through the lens of people, technology and workplaces.

The Class of 2016 Work Differently Than You Do. Is Your Company Ready?

This spring, a new generation of workers will be graduating from colleges and universities all over the world. See Jon Perera’s take on the impact the Class of 2016 will have on the future of work, in terms of people, workspaces, and technology.

Adobe Clouds Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Introducing Adobe Sign, a powerful new integration with Box, and some killer updates to Acrobat DC. Jon Perera talks all things Document Cloud as we announce a number of new innovations that help organizations transform to better serve customers and help everyone be more productive.

Now Available: Send Offer Letters in Workday Recruiting Using Adobe E-signatures

Now available, the integration between Workday and eSign services extends this experience to processes involving external candidates in Workday Recruiting. Adobe e-signatures, which were previously available for all internal candidates, will now also be available for external recruiting.

Dropbox Integration Now Available for Acrobat Reader on Android

Last year we announced a partnership with Dropbox to simplify the way people and organizations work together with documents. I’m excited to report that we’ve now extended the Dropbox integration to the over 300 million Acrobat Reader customers who have installed our app on Android devices. The Dropbox team has delivered an update to its Android app, so you can enjoy the benefits of the integration starting from Dropbox.

How the End of Paper Makes Documents More Meaningful

It’s safe to say that nobody likes filling out paper forms. Filling out paper documents is time-consuming, prone to error, and wasteful on personal and societal levels. So why do so many companies remain attached to doing things this way?

Dropbox Integration Now Available for Acrobat Reader on iPhone and iPad

I’m excited to announce that you can download or update your Acrobat Reader mobile app on iPhone and iPad to take advantage of the new integration with Dropbox. Dropbox has updated its iOS app, too, so you can enjoy the same benefits of Acrobat Reader starting from the Dropbox app.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Microsoft Intune: Delivering Secure Mobile Productivity to the Enterprise

We’re committed to helping customers simplify the management of apps, including via the cloud. We’re excited to announce today we’re delivering Acrobat Reader mobile for Microsoft Intune, which is part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Acrobat DC Subscription Delivers Ongoing Value

Learn more about the top 10 new features in Acrobat DC and Document Cloud.