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Jul 24, 2017 /Adobe Sign/Learn /

Cooking Up Training Certificates using Mega Sign

By leveraging the Mega Sign feature in Adobe Sign, you can send customized certificates to a number of recipients. Find out what ingredients you need to cook up a certificate that can be customized for many.

At Groupon, Deals for Deals Get Done Efficiently

Here’s the deal – Groupon knows that Adobe Document Cloud eSign services make online contracts a whole lot easier.

Dunking Documents with Klay & Harrison

Check out the action — Klay Thompson & Harrison Barnes, Warriors fans, and maybe you — dunking documents.

Early Excitement for Document Cloud and Acrobat DC

See what customers and partners are saying about Adobe Document Cloud.

Mar 18, 2015 /Adobe Acrobat DC /

Win in the Ultimate #FORMRAGE Tournament

People hate paperwork. In the Ultimate #FORMRAGE Tournament, the most irritating paper forms go head-to-head until one out frustrates the rest. Fill out a bracket for a chance to win.