Wie euch ein Pilotprojekt dabei hilft, die elektronische Signatur erfolgreich in eurem Unternehmen einzuführen

Neue Aufnahmemodi für Adobe Scan

Von der Idee zum Tattoo mit Adobe Acrobat DC und Dr. Woo

Mason Stubblefield

Vice President of Rewards, Technology and Operations


Mason Stubblefield is the vice president of Rewards, Technology and Operations at Adobe and leads several global teams within Adobe’s Customer and Employee Experience organization. Mason’s career experience has been with Intuit, Menlo Worldwide Logistics, NetApp, and Nortel Networks and spans across multiple HR functions, including compensation, benefits, technology, and business partnerships. Throughout his career, Mason has managed and led innovative HR programs from Silicon Valley to Europe and Asia. Mason graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science in Management.

Want to get — and keep — that great hire? Think technology first

You interview, you vet, you hire — it’s the typical HR loop surrounding new employees and one you’ve likely mastered. But more and more, organizations are revisiting the specific on-boarding process as well, and with good cause. With top candidates often juggling multiple opportunities, there’s an added pressure to confirm new hires fast — ideally within the first 24 hours.