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Oct 25, 2017 /Insights /

Future of Work: UK Office Workers are Ready to Embrace AI Assistants

Artificial intelligence, or ‘AI’, is now a constant feature on the daily news agenda. While this can be about the strides taken in the development of the technology itself, the headlines more often look at the impact AI may have on our society. Will it help create jobs or take them away? Or will robots force humans into their servitude, leaving us doomed for all eternity?

Sign on the Line—Instantly: What Electronic Signatures Mean for All of Us

This capability has the potential to be a huge win for businesses everywhere. According to Adobe’s “Document Drain” study, European employees spend close to seven hours per week on office admin—that’s almost one full working day. With electronic signatures, organisations can provide faster, better experiences.

Apr 11, 2017 /Insights /

Could Harmony Outside of Work be Key to Productivity in the Office?

Shifting to a greater focus on lifestyle and making sure employees aren’t over-worked can mean implementing a number of changes to improve efficiencies. Without taking action, administrative tasks sap productivity, meaning less work gets done – and there’s less time for play, too.