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First with Cloud-Based Digital Signatures, Adobe Sign Moves Sustainability Forward

Adobe Sign not only streamlines document flows and tasks across entire teams through desktop and mobile, it helps businesses reduce inefficiencies and waste, as well as make meaningful progress on their sustainability goals.

Apr 21, 2016 /Insights /

Moving Beyond Earth Day: A “Small” Change with Significant Impact

Every year, Earth Day marks an important milestone in the sustainability movement—rallying people, government and businesses around the world to focus on sustainability and preservation of the environment. Are you looking at ways to improve sustainability in your business or enterprise?

Mar 16, 2015 /Insights /

“Please print responsibly.”

When it comes to documents, paper waste can be avoided, now more than ever. For any organization that wants to save money and not deal with reams of paper, printers, and recycling bins, Adobe Document Cloud can help.