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For Daniels Health (formerly SteriHealth), a global medical waste services company based in Australia, efficiency is crucial when working with new and existing customers. Acquiring smaller healthcare providers as customers is expensive, and manually managing contract creation and workflow made the process even more cumbersome. Daniels’ salespeople know that general practitioners have a hectic schedule. These doctors want to be able to take care of patients during the day and deal with administrative work at night.

To streamline the contract negotiation and signing process, Daniels recently integrated Salesforce with Adobe Sign. This powerful combination is the perfect mix of simplicity and flexibility – just what the doctor ordered.

At first, some doctors needed time to get used to the digital signing process. Many healthcare providers were comfortable with the old method of paper contracts filed in a drawer or scanned into a database. “We needed to educate customers that this is a normal, safe way to handle contracts,” explains Scott Goodwin, Global CIO of Daniels Health.

Daniels’ salespeople saw that this technology would make their lives easier as well. With manual processes, contracts often involved multiple trips to negotiate services, as well as numerous follow-ups on unsigned contracts. The old way took a lot of time out of a sales reps’ day. “We showed our salespeople that this new process of electronic contract creation, revision, and authorization was in fact easy,” says Goodwin. “We approached it from the standpoint of ‘Help you to help yourself.’ ”

When the sales team saw how much faster and simpler contracts could be modified and tracked with Salesforce and Adobe Sign, they immediately bought into the process. With Adobe Sign the sales team can generate a PDF contract and send it for electronic signature within 10 minutes, much faster than the 40-minute manual process. Likewise, revising contracts is simple and straightforward, which has streamlined the negotiation process tremendously.

The benefits are substantial. “Our sales team has seen their highest ever rate of renewals,” Goodwin reports. “The number of signed contracts created per month rose 53% based on the previous 12-month average. Time to signing is also much shorter now — 80% of new contracts get signed within about four hours. Ninety-five percent of them are signed within 24 hours, and 100% by the end of the week.”

What does this mean? “It means that the new-contract and renewal business gets driven quickly and effectively instead of waiting months for a contract to activate service, which used to be the case,” says Goodwin. The timeliness prevents revenue leakage that often happens when workflow processes are slow and inefficient. Automation also helps eliminate mistakes in the financial terms of the contract. Similarly, automated workflow has reduced administrative tasks and cut the time to create a contract by 300%, allowing sales reps to spend more time with customers.

Using the Australian implementation of Adobe Sign as a model, Daniels Health is looking forward to rolling out this solution across the entire company globally.

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Posted on 10-21-2016

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