Document Cloud Magic with Acrobat DC: Collecting Electronic Signatures


Last week, in part 3 of our series, we reviewed how simple it is to edit scanned images and enhance camera images. This week we’ll outline the process of creating and collecting electronic signatures. Our story continues as follows:

Now that your business plan is up to date, you have some free time to work on your “to-do” list. First up, is to work up some graphic design ideas to support your business plan. So, you need to send over the updated business plan to your contract designer. Oh no, this document is confidential—they’ll need to sign an NDA first. The NDA signature process can take forever! First, you’ll need your legal group to sign, then the contractor.

Instead of emailing the contract, waiting for the recipients to print, scan and send it back, you decide to give Acrobat Pro DC a try. Here’s how:

  1. In the Tools Center, select Prepare Form. Choose Select a file and browse to open the file that needs signing. Be sure to check “This document requires Signatures” to create eSign fields and click Start.
  2. Form and signature fields are automatically added—revise as necessary. Select Send for Signature in the lower right corner.
  3. Click Ready to Send and enter the recipients email addresses. Select Send.
  4. Check your email to confirm that the agreement has been sent and to track the progress.

This short video will also walk you through the process of sending a document for signature.

Obtaining signatures for important documents no longer needs to slow you down! Acrobat Pro DC enables you to collect the right signatures in minutes instead of days.
Experience the document magic today by trying Adobe Acrobat DC.


Posted on 04-30-2015


  • By Riley T Reid - 9:19 AM on May 10, 2015   Reply

    Have been testing the collection of electronic signatures with Adobe DC.

    Can you please advise whether or not Adobe DC may provide:
    * Document access on encrypted links, unique SMS codes part of the unique keys used to encrypt the links (not encrypt the documents on the links), for the purpose of securely accessing the documents in the cloud to sign, and separate links sent later to access the document again after it is signed by everyone). This mitigates the issues around securely preserving a password assigned for each document sent for signing.
    * SME businesses the means to customise the signature messages sent out with their own logos/branding and text/content?


    • By Document Cloud Team - 5:18 PM on May 12, 2015   Reply

      Hi Riley,

      If you use the web interface you do have additional authentication methods,, such as password, knowledge or social. You can also get to this interface after you use Send for Signature, manage document.

      Also, the enterprise version of the product, Document Cloud for enteprise eSign services allows you to customize your messages.


  • By Rick - 7:21 PM on June 3, 2015   Reply

    I have an option 2nd signature field for a joint account. This field is not “set as required field” yet when I send to the client it shows up as a required field.

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