Document Cloud Magic with Acrobat DC: Working with Scanned Documents


Making text edits in a PDF on your iPad is a great way to make changes on the go, which we discussed last week. Next up in this six part series, we’ll focus on working with scanned documents. Our scenario continues as follows:

Your presentation went well, but you need to follow up by adding a few more documents to your business plan by noon. Unfortunately, the research pages had to be scanned and aren’t in good shape yet. And, somehow you’ll need to incorporate the whiteboard ideas from the meeting. How can you get this all done?

These tasks are no big deal when you have Acrobat Pro DC installed on your desktop. You can quickly render a scanned image to PDF that is fully searchable or even enhance camera photos. Here’s how:

  1. In the Tools Center, click or tap Create PDF. Drag your scanned image onto the document icon. Select Create.
  2. Click Edit PDF in the right-hand pane to initiate text recognition. The fonts are re-created so you can make changes automatically simply by selecting the text.
  3. Next, open the image you took of the whiteboard, and click Enhance Scans in the right-hand pane. Select Enhance > Camera Image from the toolbar dropdown.
  4. Adjust the page borders as necessary, and click Enhance Page. The camera image is automatically brighten and refined.

This short video will also walk you through the process of enhancing and running text recognition on a camera image.

Just a few minutes later, the research and whiteboard image look professional so you send it off. Acrobat DC opens a world to working with scanned documents that was never possible before.

Experience the document magic today by trying Adobe Acrobat DC.


Posted on 04-23-2015

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