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Easy Access to OneDrive files in Acrobat

Whether sitting in front of your computer or in a crowded café, access to Microsoft OneDrive files through Acrobat DC has never been easier. Seamlessly open, edit, and save OneDrive files directly from Acrobat Reader on iOS and Acrobat or Reader on your desktop computer. Here’s how to get started: 


1. Install OneDrive app on your device. 

2. In Acrobat Reader mobile app, tap the Location Chooser. 

3. Tap More Locations… 

4. Tap … to see the installed app listed. 

5. Tap the button to turn OneDrive access on.  



1. On the Home screen select Add Account. 

2. Select Add under the OneDrive icon to connect your files within Acrobat.

3. Sign in to OneDrive using your email address and password.

4. Select Yes to allow Acrobat to open and edit OneDrive files.

5. Your OneDrive files appear under the Storage listing.

Looking for more? Check out our Learn content to see all of our tips and tricks.

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  • By Paula Flores - 3:06 PM on August 31, 2017   Reply

    Just curious. I can open all my files from the OneDrive for Business app, even the pdf files. Why would I want to add another app just to open specific file types? I’m not trying to be rude but maybe there is a reason I am unaware of? Thanks!

    • By Document Cloud Team - 2:04 PM on September 1, 2017   Reply

      Hi Paula! Through Acrobat DC, you can not only access all your OneDrive files, but you can edit and save them all back to OneDrive. This integration is handy if you need use Acrobat to edit a file stored in OneDrive, but don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading, editing, saving, and reuploading. Please feel free to share any further questions! ^AR

  • By Semanur - 12:03 AM on September 3, 2017   Reply


  • By Semanur - 12:05 AM on September 3, 2017   Reply


  • By Herbert Dupree - 4:40 AM on September 8, 2017   Reply

    I have Acrobat Reader for Android Nougat No such option for OneDrive exists. Version issue or what?

  • By مكائن غسيل السجاد - 6:33 AM on September 8, 2017   Reply

    thank you for this nice info