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Founded in 1858, nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is known for its surrounding natural beauty. It embraces a casual outdoor lifestyle at an elevation of 5,280 feet, or exactly one mile above sea level. As part of a recent government initiative called Peak Performance, the city invests in employees and services to help identify inefficiencies and deliver innovations to provide the best service possible.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce costs and better allocate resources city-wide to improve taxpayer services while saving money,” says Denver CIO Frank Daidone.

City and County of Denver chose to standardize Adobe Acrobat across all organizations and agencies, using an enterprise term license agreement (ETLA) to lower costs and simplify management. A cost analysis conducted by the department supported that the annual cost of the enterprise license model was less expensive than purchasing individual department and agency upgrades under a perpetual licensing model. Also, standardizing on a common version for thousands of employees significantly improved training and support. Since all 1,200 users have easy access to the same version of the software, IT training sessions can dive deeper into Acrobat. Standardizing on Adobe Acrobat helps users work more efficiently while streamlining support so the city can refocus time savings on developing innovations and improving education.

“Thanks to the Adobe Acrobat ETLA, we can deploy and manage software from a central location as well as pool licenses to effectively use all of our software,” says Gene Humphries, license administrator, Technology Services for the City and County of Denver. There is no need to install individual software licenses onto thousands of computers and they all run a single, current version of Acrobat.

Use of Adobe Acrobat continues to expand throughout government offices in Denver due to the city’s commitment towards sustainability. As the government continues minimizing reliance on paper, PDF files fill the need for more secure and convenient digital documents. Integrated digital signatures, in PDF files, support a reliable audit trail and document integrity as materials move inside and outside the organization. “The goal is to save time, paper, and present a better overall service delivery to the constituents of the City and County of Denver,” comments Daidone.

Read more about the impact of using Adobe Acrobat on the City and County of Denver here.

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Adobe Acrobat DC, Customer Showcase

Posted on 01-12-2015

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