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Adobe Document Cloud FAQ

Q: What is Adobe Document Cloud?

A: Adobe Document Cloud is a revolutionary, modern and efficient way to get work done with documents in the office, at home or on-the-go. At the heart of Document Cloud is the all-new Adobe Acrobat DC, which will take e-signatures mainstream by delivering free e-signing with every individual subscription. Document Cloud includes a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub. With Adobe Document Cloud, people will be able to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device. Businesses will be able to take advantage of Document Cloud for enterprise which provides enterprise-class document services that integrate into systems of record such as CRM, HCM, CLM, and CMS, adding speed, efficiency and transparency to getting business done with documents.

Q: When will Adobe Document Cloud be available?

A: Adobe Document Cloud is available today. Learn more about Adobe Document Cloud here.

Q: What is included with Adobe Document Cloud?

A: Adobe Document Cloud is comprised of an integrated set of services, desktop software and mobile apps including:

All-new Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC, with its intuitive touch-enabled interface, delivers powerful new functionality to get work done anywhere. The new Tool Center offers simplified and quick access to the tools you use most. And, Acrobat DC uses Photoshop imaging magic to convert any paper document into a digital, editable file that can be sent for signature.

E-signing Anywhere, for Everyone

Adobe Sign (formerly Adobe EchoSign) is included with every subscription of Acrobat DC, which is part of both Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. Now you can electronically send and sign any document from any device. New Fill & Sign makes signing anything fast and easy, including smart autofill across devices.

Introducing the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile App

Access your work as you move between desktop and devices your files, settings and signatures stay with you. With the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app people can create, edit, comment and sign documents directly on their mobile devices. Plus, use the camera on your device as a portable scanner to easily convert any paper documents to digital, editable files that can be sent for signature.

Document Management & Control

Services such as Send & Track let you manage, track and control your documents.  With intelligent tracking, you gain visibility into where critical documents are along their process, including who has opened them and when.  Control features also help to protect sensitive information, both inside and outside the firewall, for business or personal use. Robust enterprise controls also enable organizations to leverage Document Cloud to meet their goals.

Q: How do I buy Adobe Acrobat DC?

A: By subscribing to Acrobat today for only $14.99/month, customers will automatically receive new Acrobat Pro DC with Document Cloud services as soon as it is available.  Acrobat Pro DC will be sold as both a subscription and a perpetual license upon availability. See our Adobe Acrobat DC pricing page.

Q: How do I buy Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise?

A: Document Cloud products and services are offered on both a subscription and perpetual basis. See our Document Cloud pricing page.

Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise will be available via the Adobe direct sales team. You can call 1-855-980-1698 for pricing and volume discounts are available.

Q: Can I get Document Cloud if I’m a Creative Cloud Member?

A: Adobe Creative Cloud Complete customers have access to Document Cloud through Acrobat Pro DC, which is included with a membership to Creative Cloud Complete.

Q: Is there a trial version of Adobe Document Cloud?

A: A 7-day trial version of Acrobat Pro DC is available for download on Windows or Mac on Get your free trial of Acrobat Pro DC here. Or get your free trial of Adobe Sign here.

Q: Which Document Cloud products and services are free and which ones are for purchase?

A: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on the desktop is free as well as the mobile apps, Acrobat DC mobile and Fill & Sign mobile. This includes the amazing Fill & Sign autofill capabilities, mobile link so your documents follow you wherever you are, and the ability to comment on and sign PDFs. With an Acrobat Pro DC subscription at only $14.99/month, that introduces features like PDF creation, editing, exporting, sending, requesting signatures, and tracking documents.

Q: What is happening to Adobe EchoSign?

A: EchoSign will now be known as Adobe Sign as a part of Adobe Document Cloud. Full Adobe Sign (formerly Adobe EchoSign) will be included with every subscription of Acrobat DC Standard and Pro, which is part of both Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. Now you can electronically send and sign any document from any device. Furthermore, Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise includes additional enterprise-class e-signature capabilities as well as enterprise administration, management, controls and integrations.