FormsCentral is Retiring

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On July 28, 2015, Adobe FormsCentral will be officially retired from service.

Despite enthusiastic use of FormsCentral by many of you over the past three years, we’ve found that there hasn’t been as much demand for this type of service as we anticipated. The Acrobat team is committed to providing world-class PDF creation products and cloud services to enable you, our customers, to work with PDF files from anywhere, on any device. That will continue to be our focus moving forward.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions or thoughts about this transition, please feel free to read the FormsCentral FAQs or post in the community forum.

Important Dates

There will be three phases of the FormsCentral retirement:

Through June 22, 2015: You can continue to create PDF forms and collect data through the FormsCentral service, with no loss of functionality.

June 23, 2015: You will no longer be able to create new forms or collect new data, but you will be able to download data from existing forms.

July 28, 2015: The service will be fully retired.


Next Steps

There are several steps that you will want to take between now and the time FormsCentral is retired.

Find a replacement solution for working with forms. There are several forms solutions that offer functionality similar to FormsCentral. Popular choices include: Formstack, JotForm, Survey Monkey, and WuFoo. In addition, Adobe offers an enterprise-class form solution with Adobe Experience Manager Forms.

Download your collected data. To save your collected data, open the form file and click over to “View Responses”. While viewing the data table containing your form’s responses, click on the File menu. From here, choose “Export Responses…” to save the data to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Export or download your form files.  From FormsCentral, just download your PDF form (without checking on the box that says “Add submit button…”) and then you can use Acrobat to collect the form data. Here’s a quick primer on how to use Acrobat for form data collection.

 FormsCentral web forms can also be repurposed as PDF forms for use with Acrobat (however please note that by doing so, you may lose certain functions of the forms). You can find details and instructions in the FormsCentral FAQ.

Product News

Posted on 01-20-2015


  • By Steve Gibson - 2:54 AM on April 17, 2015   Reply

    JotForm is the best alternative to FormsCentral. Its import tool migrates all forms and data over seamlessly. It’s also free up to 100 submissions. Check it out here!

  • By Brandon - 2:44 PM on February 26, 2016   Reply

    Horrible news. We used these forms once a year now we have to have a cloud account. We will be using other services from this point on. This Cloud thing really has no point especially when we have internet services in particular areas. We won’t be able to work on anything! Horrible customer service. Everyone I know is looking for other form creator software..

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