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Let’s face it. The way we’ve been working with documents is broken. I can stream hours of ESPN on my phone or watch every episode of House of Cards on my tablet. Yet I still have to go 15 minutes early to a doctor’s office so I can fill in my address in triplicate. It’s excruciating.

Why is the way we deal with documents still so slow, fragmented and onerous? And it’s not just something we deal with in our personal lives. It’s also a real business problem.

According to a recent survey by IDC, disconnected document processes are pervasive. They’re a drag on financial results and productivity. More than 80 percent of document work is still not digital, with documents often going in and out of paper forms, especially when signatures are involved. In fact more than eighty percent of U.S. based corporations are still using paper signatures.

There are now more mobile phones than people on the planet and the time we spend on our mobile devices is only increasing. According to research recently released by Adobe, 62 percent of people say they are using their smartphones and 46 percent say they are using tablets more for work today than they were three years ago, compared to 52 percent for desktops. In the next year, 87 percent of people expect their work life to change because of new technologies.

The rapid adoption of mobile devices has forced businesses to rethink their work processes and, in turn, the way people work with documents. We want the experience to be continuous across our all our devices – phones, tablets and desktops – so we can do work where we want and how we want.

Today, we are announcing the launch of the Adobe Document Cloud – the most powerful platform available to help modernize the way we engage with documents.

At the heart of the Document Cloud is Adobe Acrobat DC, the best and most complete solution for PDFs, which together with Acrobat Reader is used on over a billion phones, tablets and desktops worldwide. We’ve taken all we know about Acrobat and completely redesigned the user experience so it’s more natural, intuitive and simple. We’ve made it touch-enabled for mobile. And we’ve leveraged the magic of Adobe Photoshop so you can take pictures of any document and automatically convert them to high-quality PDFs that can be edited, auto-populated with information from your personal profile, sent for signature and more.

We’ve made it effortless for people to work on documents at home, in the office or on the go. You can now start your work on one device and pick up exactly where you left it on another.

We’re making e-signing available to everyone. That’s right. E-signature services are now integrated into each and part of every subscription to Acrobat, which is included with the Document Cloud and Creative Cloud.

Users will now have more functionality and control around how their documents are being viewed. And we’re making it easy to integrate seamlessly with the tools and systems you have today – from Microsoft Office 365 to leading CRM systems and storage providers.



It’s in Adobe’s DNA to disrupt large markets or build whole new ones and our leadership in driving digital transformations is well acknowledged. In the same way we radically transformed the market for creativity with the Creative Cloud and for marketing with the Marketing Cloud, we are fundamentally revolutionizing the way people work with documents with the Document Cloud. Documents are the last bastion of digital transformation and today we’re changing that.

Any ideas for a new show with all the time I’ll have saved?

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Posted on 03-16-2015


  • By Tom Grinnell - 9:02 AM on March 17, 2015   Reply

    How will this new product affect current paying EchoSign users?

    • By Darrian Wright - 3:45 PM on March 20, 2015   Reply

      Hi Tom, all the e‑signing capabilities you currently have with EchoSign will remain the same. You don’t have to do anything.
      Soon, you’ll see ‘Adobe Document Cloud’ where you currently see ‘Adobe EchoSign’.

  • By Jared Morgan - 6:39 PM on March 18, 2015   Reply

    Will the apps allow drag and drop functionality to move docs outside the app? Without that the desktop experience is challenging. Web interface allowing cross platform drag and drop that mimics native file control is important for processing time.

    • By Darrian Wright - 3:52 PM on March 20, 2015   Reply

      Hi Jared, great feedback. We don’t currently have a forum for Document Cloud (you’ll see those after the product is available.) But you can make a feature request under Acrobat here:

  • By Luke - 8:25 PM on March 19, 2015   Reply

    Is there an expected release date yet or is this way out in the future still?

    • By Darrian Wright - 3:42 PM on March 20, 2015   Reply

      Hey Luke, Adobe Document Cloud will be released some time in the following 30 days after announcement.

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