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With 230 corporate offices in more than 80 countries, JLL delivers real estate services grounded in a deep understanding of real estate markets. Investors, developers, and tenants alike can rely on JLL’s commitment to service and value. For JLL’s offices serving residential properties in the United Kingdom, agents work hard to deliver excellent communication and fast service while meeting legal requirements.

“Many residential developments are owned by investors or developers from abroad,” explains Cheryl Fulcher, Office Manager at JLL. “We want to fill property vacancies quickly and get tenants moved in as soon as possible, but it could be difficult to get all of the paperwork signed in a timely manner.”

Obtaining signatures on the many documents—including sales agreements, terms of business, tenancy agreements, and contracts—associated with listing, buying, or renting a residence could take weeks, especially for overseas clients. JLL decided to implement an electronic signature solution that could eliminate paperwork delays and accelerate getting signed paperwork for properties around the world.

Cheryl Fulcher notes, “Adobe Sign is incredibly easy to use, helping administrators process paperwork associated with properties faster to get tenants moved in quickly.”

With Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, administrators can send documents for signature anywhere in the world. People can access and sign documents from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is particularly good for reaching one of the company’s target markets, younger tenants, as they almost always have smartphones on them at all times. When multiple signatures are needed on documents, such as situations with a guarantor or more than one tenant, administrators can plan for concurrent signatures or automatically forward documents along a pre-planned workflow to swiftly get all required signatures.

“Using Adobe Sign is much easier for customers, who no longer need to print, sign, and scan lengthy documents,” says Cheryl Fulcher. “Sales or rental contracts that once took two weeks are now getting returned in less than a week. With a faster turnaround, we can deliver better service to our tenants.”

Switching to electronic documents also eliminates printing and paper waste, which fits into JLL’s commitment to sustainable and green practices. “Contracts can be up to 16 pages long, and we send about three to four thousand per month, so we’re saving many trees. It’s a nice byproduct of the more productive workflow,” notes Cheryl Fulcher.

When marketing or renting a property, JLL must follow several legal guidelines and requirements. Adobe Sign makes it much easier to maintain compliance, with customizable templates useful in standardizing contracts and agreements. Automated tracking gives administrators more control over a document, providing insight into when the document has been looked at or signed. Not only does this information contribute to faster turnaround times by helping property administrators spot delays quickly, but the tracking information is also saved with signatures to provide a clear audit record.

“We conduct yearly audits, and we must also be prepared for external auditors,” says Cheryl Fulcher. “Through Adobe Sign, we have clear electronic archives that contain all of the audit information in one spot. We no longer need to store and hunt through paper files, which helps our audits move much smoother.”

Another advantage to using Adobe Sign is the improved quality of information on contracts and agreements. Signers cannot submit an electronic signature until all required information has been filled in. This means that administrators no longer have to spend time tracking down missing information, giving them 20% more time to spend updating websites with accurate information about active properties or clients.

“The number of agreements we process can range from 2,000 to as high as 6,000 per month depending on the time of year. With the productivity gained through Adobe Sign, administrators can handle all of their workflows, even during peak periods, without needing to pull in additional assistance from other departments,” adds Cheryl Fulcher.

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Adobe Sign, Customer Showcase

Posted on 05-24-2016

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