JotForm Adds eSign Widget to Their Offering

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JotForm has released a new eSign widget linking their online forms to Adobe Document Cloud eSign services. This integration creates a seamless e-signing experience for any type of form—from business agreements to loan applications. Basically any type of form where two parties need to agree.

What is an eSign widget?

Widgets allow you embed the Document Cloud e-signing experience directly into a form or document. Each signer completes the form separately and each transaction is recorded individually. You’ll need an Acrobat DC subscription or Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise (formerly EchoSign) account to embed the widget in a form created in JotForm.

How do I add the widget to my form?

  1. Build your form as usual in JotForm.
  2. Drag and drop the Adobe Document Cloud eSign widget onto your form.
  3. Authorize JotForm to integrate with your Adobe Document Cloud account.
  4. Embed the form on a web page or send out a link to the form via email.

This video tutorial walks you through the simple process of adding the eSign widget to a form in JotForm:

What is the end-user signing experience like?

The end user fills out the form and selects the Adobe eSign button . Next, a completed copy of the form is generated and automatically opened in Adobe Document Cloud. The end user is prompted to securely sign the form within Adobe Document Cloud and copies are forwarded to each party. Try a quick demo of the end user e-signing experience.

JotForm also allows you to import forms designed using the soon to be retired Adobe FormsCentral. Click the JotForm FormsCentral import wizard link to learn more about this tool. The IMPORT YOUR FORMS button at the top of this page offers three import options (bulk, individual URL, or PDF).

Try creating a seamless e-signing experience today by downloading the free 30-day trial of Acrobat Pro DC and building your form using JotForm.

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Posted on 05-22-2015


  • By Brynhild Farnes - 2:23 PM on May 22, 2015   Reply

    Brynhild Farnes today try to innstal/download Adobe but small poblem .
    Hope now will be fine and installition finish

  • By OZ.Connect - 1:40 AM on May 27, 2015   Reply

    Good widgets here for extra support in signing digital.
    I have implemented one previously and found that really useful.

  • By Supermedia - 7:49 AM on May 27, 2015   Reply

    Great plugin! We love it!

  • By KenR60 - 8:36 AM on May 27, 2015   Reply

    JotForm saves me Hours of Quoting time, now my customers fill out a form and instantly Jotform sends them an email breaking up all costs of what they have selected. Absolutely Fantastic Form Builder

  • By Billy - 12:54 PM on May 27, 2015   Reply

    This is a great news! Thank you Jotform!!

  • By Natanael - 3:16 PM on May 27, 2015   Reply

    Excellent form the best it can be.Recommend, it has helped me incredible professionalism of the staff JOTORM

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