Print, Sign, Send… Paper Jam. Are You #ScaredSheetless?


There’s a monster lurking in every office. A beast so terrifying, so grotesque, that few dare speak its name: paper.

An astonishing 61% of professionals say they would change jobs, even if the only benefit were dramatically less paperwork. Incredibly, 76% of professionals say they rely on paper documents in their daily professional lives. It’s time for this horror story to find a happy ending. 

When it comes to the haunted house of documents, we’re #ScaredSheetless. Are you? Show us your paper jams, your desk piled high, or your frightened faces. Unmask your neighbors to reveal their true identity as document hoarders. Share your #ScaredSheetless photos with us and help us keep this life-sucking foe at bay! Tweet of your photo and include the hashtags #ScaredSheetless. Here are a few of ours:


Posted on 10-23-2015


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