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Scott Brownrigg is a highly respected international design practice delivering architecture, interior design, planning, and masterplanning services across major sectors including business space, workplace interiors, residential, hospitality, education, defense, industrial, and transport. The company has broad geographic coverage with offices in London, Guildford, Cardiff, and Edinburgh as well as Croatia and Singapore. Scott Brownrigg’s purpose is ‘to make and help create timeless, sustainable and beautiful environments’ that are aspirational to its clients and communities.

“Our architects, designers, and planners rely on technology every second of every day,” says Nick Dunn, ICT director for Scott Brownrigg. “To keep innovating and provide extraordinary client services, our cross-functional teams need access to the best tools.”

One of Dunn’s chief responsibilities is providing employees with the best tools for their work and maintaining software licenses and versions. When he joined the practice, he found different Adobe product versions being used that led to complex license management and software incompatibilities which hindered collaboration among the creative teams. This software model caused frustration and productivity losses and did not support the scalability needed by a growing organization.

Scott Brownrigg decided to standardize on Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro through an enterprise term license agreement to simplify IT management that gives all employees across the four main U.K. offices the tools they need to do their jobs. Standardizing on Adobe Creative Cloud saves the company a tremendous amount of time for its IT team, and has had a clear, positive impact on the overall productivity and efficiency.

With the enterprise agreement, employees always have access to a collection of Adobe tools to support productive design, architecture, and planning processes, as well as to market the company’s services and collaborate efficiently with clients. In addition to the widespread use of Adobe creative software, Adobe Acrobat is integral to enhancing collaboration and productivity. It streamlines the multiple exchanges of documents as employees and clients work together to reach agreement on every element of a design plan.

Today, Scott Brownrigg employees have the ability to view project materials on mobile devices using the Adobe Reader® mobile app, which has had a positive impact on staff productivity and collaboration with clients. “Moving to an enterprise term license agreement with Adobe streamlines our IT efforts, makes spending more predictable, and eliminates software version inconsistencies,” says Dunn.

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Adobe Acrobat DC, Customer Showcase

Posted on 02-03-2015

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