Streamline How You Access and Share Files Using Mobile Link


You finally have the chance to go on vacation and leave the office behind for a couple of weeks. Relax, de-stress and unwind. As you sit in the airport waiting for your six-hour flight to warm weather and sandy beaches, your phone begins to ring. You answer reflexively on the second ring – all thoughts of mojito-induced napping slip away as your assistant’s shrill voice fills the peace asking for the contract you should have sent yesterday. Panic begins to creep in as you wonder whether you hit send before leaving. Wait! You uploaded the file to and you can quickly send her a link to download the PDF. Multi-million dollar crisis averted.

Instead of putting yourself through the panic and confusion of talking a co-worker through where to find a file on your computer, try Adobe Mobile Link. It’s a convenient feature found in Adobe Acrobat and Reader that makes it easier to store, share and access files.

How Does it Work?

Mobile Link is available in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, and the Adobe Reader mobile app. Once you’ve enabled Mobile Link and signed in using your Adobe ID, all your recently viewed files will sync to your account, making them available across all your devices. Syncing happens automatically whenever you’re signed in.

Turning it On

  • Reader Mobile App: Tap “My Account” and tap Mobile Link On and sign in using your Adobe ID.
  • In Adobe Acrobat or Reader: Select the Open icon in the toolbar, when the Recent Files view appears click ON. Sign in using your Adobe ID.


Easily Share Files

Mobile Link makes it really easy to share files. Once your files are uploaded to you can create a link to the file to email yourself and others. This cuts down on having to use third-party services to send and share files and saves an incredible amount of time.


 Managing Files

Managing files using Mobile Link is simple. You can also create folders to organize the files your own way, and there is a search feature to assist in locating files when all these folders aren’t enough. Your documents are organized in your online account into three categories: Files, Recent Files, and Sent Files.

Automatically Updates

Mobile Link does the work for you! In the past you may have used an Intranet setup or FTP site to access and share files, but these don’t always work on all mobile devices and certainly do not provide a great user experience on all devices and screens. Files automatically appear in Recent Files on all versions of Acrobat and Reader.


Posted on 01-27-2015

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