Workday Rising Europe: Tackling the Document Disdain Driving HR Teams Crazy

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We’re witnessing a mass migration towards a truly digital way of thinking and nowhere is this more apparent than in the business world, as companies look to digitally transform. But, whilst many are openly embracing this digital transformation, some are yet to make the most of the opportunities out there.

That’s why we’re excited to be joining the Workday community at Workday Rising Europe in Dublin this week, where we’ll be discussing more about our integration with Workday, helping organisations improve compliance, reduce errors and ultimately streamline their employee experience.

The challenges HR departments face

So, what is the document disdain driving HR teams crazy? According to new research we commissioned polling 250 UK HR decision-makers, 78% of HR managers are left frustrated by managing employee forms. Annoyances include:

  • Having to chase people to sign and return forms (42%)
  • Managers and employees holding on to documents (31%)
  • Forms getting lost (24%)

The research also found that HR managers are left feeling ignored, with only a quarter believing that employees pay most attention to HR compared to direct managers (70%), colleagues (44%), office management (41%) and finance (37%).

Commanding attention in a busy office isn’t easy, and tracking documents is becoming one of the biggest headaches for HR teams. Of those surveyed, 42% said “I haven’t seen your email” is the most popular excuse to avoid returning documents, closely followed by “I sent that back in the post” (25%). 12% of HR managers have even resorted to incentivising employees to help speed things up. Evidently, more needs to be done to help HR departments maximise efficiency and improve document workflows.

How can HR managers improve the workflow?

In a modern working world there are digital solutions out there making life easier for HR departments, removing the hassle of overseeing every process or communication and having to constantly chase people to sign and send documents back over. It’s therefore surprising that just 30% say they have decided to use digital document solutions to simplify or speed up processes.

Adobe eSign services mean businesses can prepare and send documents to be e-signed in a few quick clicks. Our integration with Workday means customers who purchase eSign services have an easy way to add legally enforceable e-signatures to over 400 Workday business processes, helping create a more streamlined and stress-free experience for both HR departments and employees.

We’re thrilled to be part of Workday Rising Europe and look forward to sharing solutions to the document disconnect many businesses are faced with, but can easily overcome.

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Posted on 12-01-2015

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