Welcome to the Adobe Dreamweaver team blog!

In this blog, various members of the team will post about a variety of topics. We will be posting tips on how to use Dreamweaver, highlighting web sites that were built with Dreamweaver, and putting up a schedule of where you can meet Dreamweaver team members in person. We will also be asking for your feedback and input. We want to know how you are using Dreamweaver, what features you would like to see in future versions of Dreamweaver, and what other web technologies you are using.
Please post comments directly on the posts that you like, as well as the ones you don’t like. We want to make our blog an essential source of Dreamweaver related news and information for you. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.
Update: Comments on this post are now closed- please comment directly on specific posts here as we don’t generally check back on the old postings regularly. Please note that we can’t always respond to technical support or ‘how-to’ questions, sorry!
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  • Wow
    Finally we get a blog devoted to Dreamweaver
    Also please tell me this blog template is not permanent
    I mean I’ve heard of minimalism but this is just ugly
    Heidi Voltmer responded:
    Yes, we will be updating the template for the blog to something more visually appealing 🙂

  • I just received Dreamweaver for the first time with CS3, so if you have tips for beginners, or tips for those who have used GoLive, I would be very interested in them.
    Heidi Voltmer responded:
    Hi Tammy,
    We have developed a guide to migrating from GoLive to Dreamweaver and posted it here – http://www.adobe.com/products/golive/pdfs/GL2DWD_Final.pdf. You may also want to watch the Dreamweaver video tutorials posted at http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/video_workshop/ to get familiar with the interface.

  • I look forward to this blog and communicating with the team. As a GoLive user for the past several years, I have been totally at a loss in trying to move towards adopting Dreamweaver. I am aware of the resources (movies, training, etc.) — but nothing has “clicked” yet. Hopefully, this will allow users like myself to both learn about Dreamweaver and also share our frustration or feedback as we try to make the move.
    Heidi Voltmer responded:
    Hi Mordy,
    Thank you for your feedback. We are always creating new resources so if you think there is a better format or approach then the videos and tutorials we have already created, please let me know and I will see if we can get it created.

  • WOW! First comment cherry!
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I found this by searching for differences between Dreamweaver MX(8) and DreamWeaver CS3, but decided to just download the trial and see for myself. May have to de-install, re-install 8 but hopefully can talk boss into buying so I don’t have to do anything but activate!
    I do a lot of 508c remediation, looking forward to how CS3 can help there…

  • Finally indeed a devoted blog about Dreamweaver. I’m really looking forward to any tips & hints, news, tricks etc.
    I would be especially interested in a detailed explanation on projects you (have) run like on Adobe Live! events etc..

  • Want feature requests? Try this one for starters:
    Heidi Voltmer responded:
    Thanks Michael. I will forward your link on the correct engineer.

  • I was a bit underwhelmed by Dreamweaver CS3 – probably due to it being a great product already. But will frequent this blog with keen interest.

  • As one of the first posts, let us know how you set up a Moveable Type blog within Dreamweaver

  • Cool… a Dreamweaver blog. Please don’t forget the Homesite/ColdFusion studio developers. I still use Dreamweaver MX to do the coding or will Eclipse be taking over?

  • If CS3 doesn’t already do this or a dw8 patch…. please make ‘background file activity’ operate where its title suggests instead of locking down customers abilities to be productive 🙂

  • Great! At last a Dreamweaver blog. I hope you share with us some info about the feature updates and we have a reliable resource for the info. Just tell me please that some expandings in the visual server side application development options in the next version is in your mind. From DW8 to CS3 I saw no major upgrade in this field (I got it that you concentrated on SPRY options mostly)but I hope the next version has many new panels\features for CF and other server side techs.

  • Alexander says:

    Hi guys great that you are blogging, how about an explanation why we cant use stored procs with MySQL 5? thanks.

  • Great!!
    I agree, finally a place to have a Dreamweaver blog with really excellent links and imformation.
    Also hopefully the best way for new users to get the most from Dreamweaver…whispers..and CSS 😀
    Thanks very much to the Dreamweaver Team.

  • Hello.. I’m just a beginner in Dreamweaver… so I’ll be asking a noob questions… so please bear with me… ^_^
    Also, I’m not a web designer nor graphics but I am really devoted into dreamweaver and other adobe applications like Flash, photoshop and illustrator…
    I’m just a college student who’s interested in web designing.. Hope you can help me out…
    Thank you very much and God bless…
    Anyway, great job for the Dreamweaver team for this blog…

  • I would like to see a blog about cfdocument. I find that is not consistent with how it displays. I have also found bugs depending on CSS is used inside of cfdocument. My current problem is with a table that goes off the right side of the page onto a 2nd page even after I limited it to 100% of the page! What is being done in CF 8 to fix many of the bugs and dislikes with this tag?

  • I’m afraid this will come across as self-promotion, but I think the readers of this blog might be interested in View Source, a new column on http://www.creativepro.com. In the second installment, which launches today, author Dave McFarland explains how to add and modify Spry Menu Bars using Dreamweaver CS3.

  • Steve Roughton says:

    Shouldn’t you use Dreamweaver to power this blog?
    p.s. you can delete this comment; but I do think you should post an article about how do to publish/manage a blog with Dreamweaver, integrate Dreamweaver with MovableType, etc.
    Heidi Voltmer responded:
    We are just getting the blog started but I will make sure that I post any tips about how we manage this Movable Type based blog with Dreamweaver CS3.

  • Cool, Heidi, great idea!
    Now, I think a good start would be team members introducing themselves… 😎

  • I stumbled upon your site. Already read some nice information here. Particularly like discussion about version control systems and look forward to more people commenting on it. Perhaps this type of discussion is better suited for a forum type layout.
    I also hope you get a new template up soon, as space wise, this layout takes up less than a third of my screen. A thin column in the middle on 1024×768 on IE6.
    Look forward to more discussions and a new template. Thanks Heidi!

  • I’m fairly new with Dreamweaver; taught myself how to use. Thanks for this blog…maybe someone can help me with my question. How can I put an audio into a site using Dreamweaver? Thanks.

  • Hi,
    Could you tell me how to design a blog with CS3 please? I am a new user.
    Thank you

  • Shawn Goodrich says:

    I have created a Menu Bar using Spry and the drop down works fine when previewing from Dreamweaver but when publishing on my live site, I get ‘Spry’ is undefined. Can someone help me out??

    Human Resources

    Benefit Information
    HR Forms
    Commute Information
    New Employees



    Fiserv Forms

    EDP Manual

    Building Updates

    Barton Security
    Emergency Procedures
    Building Evacuation Map
    Local Area Evacuation Map
    Building Incident Report

  • Hi, I’m a new DW user. Can I have text I prepared display randomly in DW?

  • A devoted Dreamweaver user – have been trying to delete all occurances of a tag in site – I have been using find and replace basic as the advanced does not seem to meet my needs
    – it is the I am trying to delete

  • i need to make a “mock” starbucks website for a dreamweaver class i’m taking right now. this is the final project for the class and the prof is not giving any “help”. hope i can figure things out from this website ..

  • Hello All.
    I am trying to implement user comments / blog into my site. Is there somewhere you could direct me to to find code for something like this. Or a template perhaps. I am a novice at best but I need people to be able to comment on my site. Please Help.
    Thanks. Geo

  • can anyone tell me whether i can store data entered in a form to an XML file using Spry Widgets??

  • Hello hello-
    I am an illustrator maniac. How can I best prepare an illustrator file headed to the land of dream?

  • Orlando Diaz says:

    I would like to create a good professional looking Blog. Is that possible with dreamweaver?

  • How do I create a blog site using Dreamweaver 8?

  • Where is the response for how to create a blog in Dreamweaver??? Help!

  • Hi, all- wanted to post a few comments/responses before we turn off commenting on this post (reason: we use this blog to communicate outwards, but have a tough time trolling old posts for random questions, sorry!)
    1) For all of you looking for tips on how to set up a ‘blog in Dreamweaver- that may be the wrong question. There are tons of great, free ‘blog frameworks out there (wordpress.com, MovableType – sixapart.com, etc). For starting from scratch or customizing, if you google the words ‘create blog dreamweaver’ you’ll get plenty of tips, tricks and discussion that go well beyond anything we could post here as a comment. Give it a shot!
    2) Shouldn’t we power this blog with Dreamweaver? No- Dreamweaver’s a general web design/development tool, and there are plenty of good open-source frameworks that can be used (we use Movable Type for this blog, for example).
    3) @Shawn Goodrich: you need to also publish the Spry files to your drop-down menu to the remote site. By default they’re in /SpryAssets, unless you changed the location in DW’s preferences, FYI.
    4) @Ty Olupai – I’d use Flash to create the ‘player’ for your audio, and then use the object element to place it in your DW-managed site. Browsers can be very finicky about linking to raw audio files, FWIW.
    5) @drew – good luck with the class, but I’m not sure we’ll be posting details on how to rebuild the Starbucks site anytime soon 😉
    6) @Rex – you’d need to send the data back to the server from the Spry region (i.e. use a form element) and then code the back end to both save it, and then either rebuild/rewrite the XML file or build it dynamically from the server. Sorry, but both are pretty large topics I can’t elaborate on beyond this in comments, but you can likely find many references/tips for with some Googling.
    7) @Whistle: Aside from using RGB mode (not CMYK- then you’ll have some color matching/conversion issues to deal with), you should be OK creating graphics for DW in Illustrator- you just need to rasterize them (convert to PNG/JPG/GIF) first so they’re web-ready.
    8) @Yvette (et al)- as noted in my first point above, there are many free blog frameworks we’d recommend first when creating a blog as opposed to building it all from scratch in DW. Once you’ve got the application up and running, Dreamweaver should let you edit the CSS files just fine, we use DW all the time for this- however based on your design/theme/intent that discussion could be very different based on the variables. Good luck!