Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation

If you do not have an Adobe id, and want to get right to reading the book, you can choose to authorize your device without an ID. You can continue to download and read all books in this utopian environment, as long as you don’t need to transfer these books to a different device, or you de-authorize ADE. Now if you wish to do one of the above, and still preserve access to the books you’ve currently downloaded, follow the steps below:


So this gives rise to the question: If I have activated ADE without an ID, is there a way to activate with an Adobe ID and continue reading books fulfilled using the anonymous account, and also move the books to other devices? The answer is YES, but there is a catch. You can achieve it, by creating a new Adobe ID and activate ADE again directly without de-authorizing the existing anonymous account. The catch here is, it should be a fresh Adobe ID which is not activated on any other device or computer.


I have an Adobe ID and am using it on another machine. Is it possible to associate the existing ID with the anonymous account?” No, because once an ID is activated, a unique UUID will get associated with this user account. In the fresh ID case, it will be associated with the UUID of the Anonymous account. “Do I have to maintain both the accounts?” You can join your existing account with the newly created account, which will allow devices activated with one Adobe ID (or Vendor ID) to read books previously fulfilled with another Adobe ID (or Vendor ID).


Wait for the next blog to know more about Joint Accounts…

22 Responses to Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation

  1. jay kuong says:

    need to dpown load adobe digital edition

  2. Al Brown says:

    I changed my Adobe ID when I changed my email address. How can I access the books that I purchased under my old ID?

  3. Eduard Ochs says:

    Ich habe mehrer Adobe -ID und möchte diese löschen.

  4. Eduard Ochs says:

    Ich habe mehrer Adobe-ID auf verschiedenen Geräten und möchte diese löschen

  5. MARK STEELE says:


  6. IRENE says:

    I have two ebooks & everytime I try to download my purchased books to digital editions I seem to hit a brick wall. Why does the message come up constantly of Adobe Digital Edition 3 has stopped working. I then downloaded Digital Edition 4 and the same message comes up. Can I not have two e readers on the same account, as my email will always be the same as stated above. Please help I feel like trashing the two ebooks I have and go back to reading paperbacks, very frustrated. Irene

  7. IRENE says:

    I have an adobe ID so what is the problem?????>>

  8. Vinay says:

    I am getting an error “this computer needs to be authorized with vendor ID to open xxxx book”
    I would like to know the meaning of vendor ID and how it differs than adobe ID

  9. Rumyana says:

    To Al Brown:
    Enter into your old Adobe ID account -with old email and password;select “manage account”;select “edit Accont”;Change old email with new email;Save.
    You will continue read the books downloaded before and after this change, because your Adobe ID account is the same, but with new login ID

  10. Peter Löffler says:

    Bitte mein Kennwort zurücksetzen

  11. Ed says:

    I have two imacs with ADE. Both are authorized with the same ADE/Adobe id and pw. However the books from one don’t show up on the other. I have tried to deauthorize the account from one (so I can reauthorize it) but can’t accomplish that as I receive a message: Unable to erase authorization – please try after some time.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      With new version of ADE 4.5 “Seamless fulfillment of books across devices”, when a consumer fulfills a book on one device, the book will be automatically downloaded to all the other devices that belong to this consumer (activated using the same user ID).

    • Sheila Parfitt says:

      I’m having the same trouble. Did you sort it out?

  12. Bernd Bartosch says:

    Nach dem Upgrade auf Windows 10 kann ich ADE nicht mehr nutzen. Ich erhalte nur noch Fehlermeldungen (Error! Check Activation.) Laut ADE bin ich autorisiert, aktiviert oder was auch immer. Leider kann ich meine Autorisierung, wie auch meine Adobe-ID nicht selbst löschen. Ich bin jetzt wirklich sauer. Bitte löschen Sie meine Adobe-ID oder informieren Sie mich, wie ich dies selbst erledigen kann.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      Start Digital Edition.
      Press CTRL + SHIFT + D (windows) or CMD + SHIFT + D (Macintosh)

      Accept that should remove the authorize.

      Then go to help > computer authorize and enter your Adobe ID Data.

  13. Bill West says:

    These didn’t help. When I download the ADE 4.5 I can see all my books as they should be. When I try to open one the authorization window opens. It asks for vendor ID and my user name and password. The user/password is fine. It comes up with a message that I need a vendor ID. Well in the vendor ID it shows Adobe. There are no other options. I downloaded it from the Adobe site so how can this not be correct. Since I can’t change vendor ID it’s frustrating.

  14. Robyn Leeuwenburgh says:

    I want to erase my authorisation but I can’t remember the password and I no longer have the same email address. How can I do this?

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