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EPUB3 based readers from Adobe

Lady reading an ebook

While EPUB3 has provided the standards for developing rich and engaging ebooks, it will not achieve mainstream adoption till publishers adopt it, eReaders support them, and quality tooling is provided to help produce EPUB3 documents.

The upcoming release of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and Adobe’s Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) is a step towards helping publishers make this transition by fully supporting content rendered in the EPUB3 format, along with support for EPUB2 and PDF in the same reader. ADE and RMSDK are also designed to be compatible with the recently launched InDesign CC EPUB 3 fixed-layout support. In addition to adding the EPUB3 rendering capability, Adobe will also be introducing new DRM models to facilitate innovative distribution of content and help expand the market.

While the commercial launch is scheduled for this Fall, we invite you to try out your content on the current pre-release version. You will find support for fixed layout and reflowable, audio and video playing, MathML, JavaScricpt in and outside of iFrames, TOC and page-list, multi-ePub, embedded fonts, and more of the EPUB3 standards.

Email us at to receive an invite to the pre-release. Further, if you are interested in building your own eReader apps based on RMSDK, and would like to be considered for the beta, please mention this in your mail.