How to Purchase Edge Inspect

How to purchase Edge Inspect

We are aware of some problems you may be encountering when attempting to purchase Edge Inspect. The Creative Cloud team is working on improving the purchase flows, and making the whole process more clear.

Until we get there, here are some more direct links to help you get where you need to go to make a purchase or download Edge Inspect.

Edge Inspect free version

If you are content with just one concurrent device connection at a time, the Edge Inspect free version may be all that you need. A free Creative Cloud membership is required, then you can download and use Edge Inspect in free mode. Go to the Creative Cloud Plans page and choose the Get Started option.

Purchase a Edge Inspect subscription

If you’re interested in purchasing the Edge Inspect subscription, visit: Choose the Store in the region where you live to start your purchase.

Purchase a Creative Cloud subscription

If you want to purchase Edge Inspect as part of the Creative Cloud, you can join the Creative Cloud by going to the Creative Cloud Plans page and choosing Complete. In addition to all of the Creative Suite tools and services, your Creative Cloud subscription also includes Edge Inspect and the other Adobe Edge Tools and Services.

Existing Creative Cloud subscribers – how to download Edge Inspect

If you’re already a Creative Cloud subscriber, you will not find Edge Inspect in the Adobe Application Manager. Instead, go to the Creative Cloud Apps page (make sure you’re logged in), scroll down to the Edge Tools and Services section, find Edge Inspect and click on Learn More, then Download.

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