How to clear the mobile browser cache in Edge Inspect

How to clear the mobile browser cache in Edge Inspect

Let’s review the mobile browser cache in Edge Inspect, why it exists and how and why you would want to clear it.

What’s a “cache” and why I should I clear it?

A website is actually a composition of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of files. Even websites supremely optimized for speed are downloading many files so your browser can render them locally. The first time a site is downloaded, its files are saved into the browser cache. The next time the site is loaded the browser and server negotiate; only the changed assets are fetched. The browser uses unchanged files from the cache, which can have a dramatic impact on the page load time.  The mobile browser in Edge Inspect also makes use of caching.


It sounds like caching is a good thing, so why clear the cache?

Mobile browser caches are notoriously sticky – meaning they hold on tight to assets that should be replaced by newer ones. This causes a lot of problems (and frustration) when you’re developing your site, frequently making changes and refreshing the browser to check your work. Clearing the cache on a mobile device can mean having to traverse several levels deep into the settings to find the control that clears the cache. And those controls are often in different places on different devices, adding to the time and frustration – just to test a simple change!

How do I clear the cache in Edge Inspect?

Edge Inspect provides the Refresh All Devices feature to clear the cache for all connected devices. With a single click on this button, each device’s cache will be cleared, and the page will be reloaded with the freshest assets.  This feature is simple, efficient and time-saving, especially when using multiple devices. If you’d like to test a change on just one device, Edge Inspect provides a device specific Refresh command. You’ll find the Refresh button in the Action menu in the upper right corner of your device. (If you are viewing full screen on your device, you’ll need to toggle off full screen in order to see the Action menu.)

Edge Inspect Action menu on iOS and Android

I hope you are more productive using the Refresh All Devices command in Edge Inspect!

Archna Panwar
Software QE Developer
Edge Inspect team

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