Edge Inspect – Accessibility Update

Edge Inspect update improves Accessibility

Look for an update notification in the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension, with a link to download the new version. Our Android and iOS clients have also been updated.

This new version includes bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and the final work needed to complete our Japanese localization.

For the accessibility improvements in this new release, we partnered with Adobe’s Accessibility team who provided us with code, and expert guidance. Read more about it on the Adobe Accessibility Blog.

Update: This version has a noteworthy change: When you first launch the new Edge Inspect desktop application, it presents a dialog saying that the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension is trying to connect, and asks you to allow the connection. It is a very quick step, but is required for the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension to be able to talk to the Edge Inspect desktop application.

We hope you’re enjoying using Edge Inspect. Please take the time to provide our team with feedback through one of the following methods:
Edge Inspect survey

Bruce Bowman
Edge Inspect product manager
twitter: @brucebowman, @edgeinspect

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