Edge Inspect + WordPress workflow

Using Edge Inspect with a local WordPress installation

A common support request that we field is users wanting the ability to use Edge Inspect with locally hosted WordPress installations.  Because WordPress writes out links and image files using absolute URLs, when you try to preview your content using Edge Inspect everything looks broken.

I had previously published a very kludgy tip to work around this, but thankfully a better solution has since come along.

The Root Relative URLs plugin for WordPress will take those absolute paths that WordPress likes to write out, and change them into relative paths on the fly. This makes it easier to switch between development and production environments, and more importantly for us, makes your locally hosted WordPress site render well on Edge Inspect clients.

You’ll also benefit if you’re testing your local WordPress site using something like LiveReload, CodeKit, or Charles Proxy.

Installing the plugin is easily done through the WordPress plugin interface.  Many thanks to the authors of this very useful plugin.

Duane O’Brien
Sr. Computer Scientist, Edge Tools & Services
Twitter: @duaneobrien

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