Edge Inspect CC now available

New Adobe “CC” Creative Cloud apps launched today

You may have noticed that Adobe launched our next generation apps today, rebranded with CC (for Creative Cloud), and a new Edge Inspect CC is among them. Edge Inspect CC icon

Edge Inspect CC Updates

The new Edge Inspect CC consists of updated desktop software for Mac and Windows, updated Android and iOS apps, and an updated Chrome Extension. The Chrome extension will be automatically updated for you, and will remind you that there is a new version of the desktop software. To get the new desktop software, click the link in the Extension to visit the Creative Cloud. Install the new Creative Cloud desktop app, and use it to start downloading and updating your Adobe software.

Once you’ve got the new Edge Inspect CC installed, you’ll notice that all of the improvements are under the hood. We’ve fixed a number of bugs, and spent our time and effort on integration workflows rather than on new user facing features. (If you feel Edge Inspect is missing a feature you really need, please let us know here in the comments, or preferably in the Community Forums.)

Our team worked closely with the Edge Code and Edge Reflow teams to add Edge Inspect integrations. You can now preview your work on your Edge Inspect devices while working in Edge Code and Edge Reflow. Once you try these workflows, you’ll wonder how you ever worked any other way.

Another improvement in this release is to the login workflow. Edge Inspect now shares a single sign-on experience with the Creative Cloud app, so you will no longer need to login to Edge Inspect. This change improves the Accessibility of Edge Inspect, fixing a problem we had with screen readers during login.

New Open Source Edge Inspect JavaScript API

We’ve created a new Edge Inspect JavaScript API for Edge Inspect to allow developers to integrate it more deeply into their custom workflows and build processes. This new API also provides what is necessary to create browser plugins for other browsers, so we are hoping to see the community respond and build some of those. The Edge Inspect JavaScript API is provided free, hosted on GitHub, and under the Apache 2 open source license, so we hope the community will begin contributing to it and making it even better. For more information about the new API, check out this more detailed post from Duane O’Brien.

We hope you’re enjoying Edge Inspect, and finding it valuable in your workflows!

Bruce Bowman
Sr. Product Manager, Edge Tools & Services
twitter: @brucebowman, @edgeinspect

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Sr. Product Manager, Edge Tools & Services, twitter: @brucebowman, @EdgeInspect
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