Edge Inspect at Adobe MAX 2014


Adobe MAX 2014 - Edge Inspect Lab

This year at Adobe MAX, we are hosting 2 hands-on lab sessions for Edge Inspect. The lab sessions will focus on getting users started with Edge Inspect and will teach them how to inspect and debug their web projects.

If you build responsive web projects or work with testing and debugging sites, Edge Inspect can help you speedup your current workflows in several ways. These labs aims at teaching you how to use Edge inspect at various points in time during your design to code workflows with different applications.

The lab sessions will cover:
Get up and running with Edge Inspect Set up Edge Inspect for a local environment.
Use synchronous browsing to load your site on multiple devices at once.
Take advantage of advanced features of Edge Inspect that let you remotely debug content and take screenshots on every device.
Apart from that the team will also show a few demos of the new and upcoming enhancements to Edge Inspect.

The lab session will be conducted by members of the Edge Inspect team:
Jonathan Pimento (Experience Designer)
Priyanka Herur (Software Engineer) 

Hurry up and sign up for the lab!
More details about the lab can be found here – Edge Inspect Lab
Monday, 6 October 12:45 PM – 2:15 PM
Tuesday, 7 October 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

The rest of the session line up is pretty awesome and packed with some great speakers and interesting sessions. Feel free to stop by and meet the team. and Hope to see you at MAX!

For more details or suggestions with regards to the lab, feel free to reach out to the speakers:
Ryan Stewart – ryan@adobe.com
Jonathan Pimento – joshuapi@adobe.com
Priyanka Herur – pherur@adobe.com


Jonathan Pimento
Experience Designer, Web
Twitter: @jonthanjosh

About Jonathan Pimento

Jonathan shares an unbiased passion for design and technology. An engineer by background, he joined Adobe as an Experience Designer for Creative Cloud, where he worked on different products and services that empowered creatives across print and web. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager on Adobe XD. The intersection of design, technology, and empathy is what drives his passion for building product. Working across different domains, multiple mediums, disparate personas, and overlapping goals is what makes his role at Adobe so exciting.
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