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ISTE 2012 Highlights

With ISTE coming to a close, I wanted to share a few reflections on the top themes we’re hearing from educators, districts and vendors across the Ed Tech industry at the event. 

Bring Your Own Device, aka, “make sure it’s an iPad:” This is my #1 takeaway from the event. Despite budget challenges, districts are doing whatever is needed to make iPads available in the classroom, especially in the K-5 range. Educators cite the breakthroughs in student engagement, special needs learning, and classroom management as the top three reasons for the need of iPads in schools. 

Creativity: Almost every single keynote at ISTE focused on the critical importance of creativity in education. Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Yong Zhao and others spent a large amount of time focusing on how we all have to rethink the importance of creativity in the curriculum, the classroom, and teacher practice. In a nutshell: Creativity is mandatory, not optional.

Flipped Classroom: Educators across the US and Canada are quickly moving toward flipped classroom, a reversed teaching model where students go over the lectures at home, through interactive, teacher-created content (such as Khan Academy) and work on “homework” in the classroom. Class time is focused on allowing the educator to coach students, answer any questions and work though problems together. We’re hearing that this is dramatically more effective and engaging, putting new challenges on how schools think about digitizing lesson plans and teacher-generated content.

Digital Content Creation for and with iPads: There’s a strong desire to go beyond content consumption on the iPad to digital content creation with these devices. There was a good deal of interest in apps like Photoshop Touch for IOS, as well as a range of tools/apps that let student create really stunning content on the iPad. 

Assessment Beyond Test Scores: Traditional forms of assessment include a method for assigning scores to determine letter grades but rarely reveal information about how students actually understand or apply their knowledge. Many conversations at ISTE centered around ways to measure student success and teacher effectiveness. The key question here is: How do we measure creativity or critical thinking? And as Sir Ken Robinson said in his Sunday night keynote, “We have a suffocating culture of Standardization.”   Now is the time for change.

There are a lot of great things happening in today’s education space. For the latest education conversations and musing, please follow our Twitter handle @AdobeEDU.

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Adobe Education at ISTE 2012

The Adobe Education team is packing its bags and heading to ISTE – the International Society for Technology in Education annual conference and exposition – being held in San Diego, California, June 24-27.  ISTE’s conference and exposition is the world’s premier educational technology gathering, bringing 20,000+ tech professionals and corporate reps together for five days of professional enrichment, collaboration, and demos of the best new technologies for the classroom, school, or district.

This year’s event will explore how educators from around the world are using innovative technologies to help students expand their horizons.  We’re looking forward to an exciting, engaging dialogue on how trends like device proliferation, the cloud, and social computing are empowering educators to make learning experiences more impactful while challenging students to find original, new paths to learning and problem solving. Of course, we’re eager to share how Adobe tools and technology complete the equation by putting the power – and the tools – to create in your hands.

Adobe is in booth #3212 – drop by to chat about technology, curriculum, student success and key trends impacting K-12 education.  We’ll be hosting conference breakout sessions featuring best practices in photo and video editing, animation, online professional development and digital publishing.  If you haven’t already seen Adobe Creative Suite 6, we’ll be demonstrating how to integrate this technology into the classroom.

Adobe Youth Voices representatives will be available to talk about inspiring young people to create with purpose.  For anyone not familiar with this dynamic program, Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program designed to provide youth in underserved communities with the critical skills they need to become active and engaged members of their communities and the world at large.

We’re also eager to hear your thoughts.  The Education team and I are always looking for ways to make Adobe products relevant to educators through training, workshops, presentations and one-to-one interactions like ISTE will provide.  Come by and tell us what you think.  We can’t wait to see you.

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