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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson: What is Your Hope for the Future of Creativity?

After exploring the meaning of creativity and the role it plays in education, we come to the final and perhaps most important question: What’s next? The future depends on cultivating the creativity of students. How do we shape and develop their thinking so they can go into the world and capitalize on the opportunities available to them? Watch this video to find out more.

I hope you enjoyed exploring the different aspects of creativity in education with us. I leave you with this quote from Sir Ken Robinson: “The best applications in the world won’t produce startling results. They need creative minds, adventurous spirits and developed imaginations to do that.”

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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson: Why is Creativity Important in Education?

According to a recent Adobe creativity study, 88% of U.S. professionals believe that creativity should be built into standard curricula. I think it’s because more and more people are realizing the importance of creativity in their work place and beyond. Companies are looking for more than graduates who can do specific tasks—they want employees who can also think differently and innovate. To be successful, students need an education that emphasizes creative thinking, communication, and teamwork. And as Sir Ken Robinson concludes in this next video “Creativity is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity.”

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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson: How is Technology Transforming Education?

A few weeks back, one of Adobe Education Leaders, Mark DuBois, talked about how traditional lectures are so “90s” and by that he meant 1490s. Although he was talking about the benefits of a flipped classroom, I think it’s an interesting analogy. Technology is changing the world rapidly, impacting the way students learn and opening new possibilities for educators. Take a look what Sir Ken Robinson had to say when asked about the role of technology in education.

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A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson: Picasso and the Plumber – Where is the True Creative?

Way too often, we associate creativity with just the arts, when in reality it is so much more. Coming up with an original idea or solving a particular problem requires creative process—we use creativity in every aspect of our lives. Watch this next installment of our conversation with Sir Ken Robinson to find out why you can be creative at just about anything!

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New Video Series: A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

It’s no secret that Adobe thinks creativity needs to be championed so educators can feel increasingly empowered to teach it as a critical competency across all disciplines. We firmly believe creativity is an imperative for students’ success in a global marketplace. 

We’ve partnered with Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized author and creativity expert, to develop an exclusive five-part video series outlining his thoughts on the importance and power of creativity in education. Check out the first video where he explores the meaning and natural path of our creative process. We encourage you to watch the entire series as it unfolds over the next few days–share what resonates with you! We hope you find Sir Ken Robinson as inspiring as we do.

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