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Adobe Education Speaks Out: STEM to STEAM

sxswedu-portfolio-picture1Our economic growth and health as a nation rely on our collective ability to innovate. The most successful innovations – across healthcare, education, and the environment – result from the combination of creative thinking, world-class technology, and cutting-edge design. But today’s education system needs to do a better job of setting our students up for success in today’s global workplace. One area we think is critical is around fostering creative thinking. Creativity can no longer be treated as an elective in education; it must be core to the way we teach and learn. STEAM – adding Art and creativity to the national imperative around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – is an important step forward here.

In collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and a broad range of education and industry partners, Adobe is working to drive awareness and impact in this area. Part of this work will take place at the SXSW Education event next week in Austin, Texas, in the panel session called, “STEM to STEAM: Full Circle from Education to Economy.” I am thrilled to join other panelists such as Ainissa Ramirez (Yale University), Rosemarie Truglio (Sesame Workshop), Matt Goldman (Blue School & Blue Man Group) and John Maeda (Rhode Island School of Design) to discuss how art and design methods can be introduced into STEM-centric learning. We’d like to invite you to join us in one of the following ways:

  1. Join us at SXSWedu. If you are attending this year’s SXSWedu conference, please join us on March 6 at 1:30 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center Room 16AB. We’re also hosting a STEAM social that night. For more information and to RSVP, go here.
  2. Join the conversation. Share your thoughts and comments using the hashtag #SXSWSTEAM. If you are attending the SXSWedu panel please share your takeaways using the above hashtag.
  3. Tweet to Give. For every mention of #AdobeSXSW on Twitter and Instagram, we will donate $1 up to $10,000 to STEM to STEAM. Learn more about our conversation for a cause here.


Jon Perera: @jon_perera

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Adobe Partners with Red Bull to Make Art History

Ever wondered what it would feel like to make art history? Well now’s your chance to find out! Today we’re announcing an exciting new collective art project with Red Bull that will give creative talent from across the globe – including everyone from designers and artists, to photographers and publicists – the chance to take part in creating the biggest and most original piece of artwork the world has ever seen. The only ask is that contributors share a common interest – to create something and share it with the world!


Together with Red Bull, we’re inviting budding artists from 85 countries to take part in Red Bull Collective Art, which brings ‘Cadavre Exquís’ into the digital age by layering multiple pieces of art created by different people to make one collective piece. Each contributor has one hour to put their artistic stamp on the final piece of artwork, which will be exhibited in art galleries across the world from May.

To get the creative process started, Red Bull and Adobe have invited dozens of artists from around the world, who have created the first images for the piece of collective art. Among them are some real superstars, including creatives Alberto Seveso, designer and illustrator Brian Yap, adventure illustrator Michael Startzman, art director Ryan Boyle and Adobe’s very own Russell Preston Brown. You can see each of their contributions, as well as those from other participating artists, here.

To take part, anyone interested in contributing can register online from today and will be asked to choose a one-hour timeslot to make their contribution between 11th and 24th March. Anyone who registers can also get a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud, so they can create their piece of art using the very best industry-standard digital tools and give it a professional edge. They then simply download the template and use any style from photo imagery, to painting, to graphic art, to work on the image. Once complete, this is then uploaded and added to the entire artwork, with exhibitions of the final collective artwork taking place in cities across the globe from 13th May.

So what are you waiting for? Become part of art history today by registering here. You can also follow the social journey using #CreateNow and #RedBullCollectiveArt.

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#whyicreate Twitter Sweepstakes

cland_sign (2)Here at Adobe we celebrate the creative student in many shapes and forms, and strive to help you continue to do what you love — create.

We want to hear from every student with a passion for creativity, a drive for design, a desire for honing your craft and the story behind it. To help celebrate our thirst for originality and creativity, we are launching the “#whyicreate” Twitter sweepstakes.

Give us a peek inside your creative process and share how you harness your inspiration with us on Twitter through photos or videos. If you send us an image or video and use hashtag #whyicreate, you’ll be entered to win a Panasonic GH2 camera — a tool that can help open up your creative world even more. All you have to do is shoot, tweet and tag for a chance to win. As always, creativity is encouraged!

Enter #whyicreate Sweepstakes February 20, 2013 – March 5, 2013.

Check out the official rules here.

Any questions, hit us up @AdobeStudents on Twitter or post in the comments below.

For inspiration, feel free to check out this video from David Cone here.  



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Announcing the All-new Adobe Education Exchange

EDEX-marquee-1Today, I am thrilled to announce the re-launch of the Adobe Education Exchange (AEE), our online community for connecting creative educators around the world. Since we launched the platform two and a half years ago, more than 75,000 educators have joined the AEE and shared over 4,000 resources. With this re-launch, we’ve redesigned the user experience, added new features, and integrated social capabilities. Adobe Education Exchange members can now more easily discover and contribute quality teaching and learning resources, connect with other members, participate in lively discussions, and explore professional development workshops.

Committed to providing the best online community for educators, we spent the last couple of years listening and collecting user feedback. Based on the response and site analysis, we have redesigned the platform with an emphasis on four key themes:

  • Ease of use – With a simplified navigation, design and workflow, educators can easily accomplish key activities such as searching resources and members, sharing lesson plans and starting discussion topics with other members.
  • Discoverability of content – By allowing visitors to browse resources without logging in and opening the content up to search engine indexing, more educators will become aware of the high-quality support the community has to offer.  
  • Social capabilities – Members can now follow other members, get timely notifications, earn points and badges, and share content to social networks. We’re weaving a social fabric into the community and giving members the ability to showcase their creative teaching.
  • Extensibility – To cater to educators’ future needs, we’ve created APIs that will open up new opportunities to extend the platform and integrate with other online communities and platforms.

To celebrate the all new Adobe Education Exchange, we’re kicking off a four-day long #AdobeEDEX Scavenger Hunt to help you discover all we have to offer! Each day, we’ll reveal a clue on Twitter via @AdobeEDU. Complete each of the four clues and be entered to win one of four iPad minis. If you complete a clue within 20 minutes of it being tweeted, you’ll receive an additional entry! Remember to include the hashtag #AdobeEDEX in your tweets. Cick here to see the rules.

Now is the time to make the Adobe Education Exchange your online hub to help ignite creativity at your institution. Check out the new Adobe Education Exchange at

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Help Adobe Make Digital Literacy a Reality!

globaloria_IBS_WWW copy

Today, on Digital Learning Day, I am thrilled to announce that Adobe continues to do great work with Globaloria; a national program that teaches kids how to design and program their own games using Adobe Flash. As a way to celebrate Digital Learning Day and help make digital literacy a reality for more students, the Adobe Foundation will match 100% of donations, up to $50,000. Click here to donate.

With funding from the Adobe Foundation and others, Globaloria will continue to support the advancement of digital literacy for 1,100 underserved youth in seven schools and two community centers in Silicon Valley. These funds will also enable the World Wide Workshop, an organization that develops applications for learning with technology, and the creators of Globaloria, to expand to more than 3,000 youth across the Valley in 2013.

Digital literacy is the new fluency. Help us make sure that all students have a chance to thrive. Donate now:

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Special Creative Cloud Offer for Students and Teachers

Adobe_Creative_Cloud_icon_RGB_128px_no_shadowLast year, we unveiled Adobe Creative Cloud, which we believe is the future of creative software from Adobe and the place where innovation will be delivered first. And we’ve had a deep commitment to education, providing our highest levels of discounts to this critical group of customers.

Starting today, we are offering a new promotion for Adobe Creative Cloud membership to students, teachers, faculty, and education staff at $19.99/month for the annual membership. This is a 60% discount off the commercial price in North America.  

For students and teachers who want to stay current with the latest creative software, Adobe Creative Cloud is the easiest and most affordable way forward. In North America, the promotion runs through March 11th. Pricing for the traditional perpetual products will continue to have a significant discount relative to the commercial products.

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Creativity – It’s Our Future

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein understood the importance of the imagination and his words remind us of where human creativity has taken us – and will continue to take us. Creativity is essential to innovation. And innovation gives us the new technologies and products that will drive the global economy forward.

How important is creativity to our future? A recent study conducted by Adobe in the U.S., “Creativity and Education: Why It Matters,” showed that 90 percent of US professionals believe that unlocking creativity is essential to economic growth and that it is valuable to society. The study also highlighted a growing awareness, especially among professionals, that creativity and creative thinking deserve a bigger role in education. In fact, 88 percent of U.S. professionals surveyed believe that creativity should be built into standard curricula. Today, companies are realizing the importance of the creative process in the workplace. They are looking for employees who can do more than specific tasks—they want employees who can also think differently and be innovative. To be successful, students need an education that emphasizes communication, collaboration and creativity.

With the challenges the world is facing today in our global economy, in our environment, and in social issues, the need for creative ideas has never been greater. That is why we are aligning our work to help students and educators realize the power of creativity and self-expression by providing digital tools, vibrant communities, resources, curricula, certifications and platforms that showcase student success. To better prepare our students for the challenges of today, we must graduate thinkers of tomorrow. Here at Adobe we believe creativity is no longer an elective; it’s the future.

Why does creativity matter to you? Join the conversation on twitter (#CreateNowEdu) and be sure to connect with us at @adobeedu.

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